Small Bedroom Lighting

Decorating a small room is really challenging! However, making it shine can be even more challenging. Why is that? Lighting, the result of light, proportion, and also the choice of scale in a small bedroom really need to be considered. Even the wrong size of lamps and ceiling fixtures can be very distracting to the view in a room. Small bedroom lighting has the aim to make lighting more attractive, look spacious, and suitable for the room.

You are not sure how to choose a lamp in a small bedroom? We’ve chatted with some of the interior designers we know, and we’ve come to a few conclusions about how to make a small bedroom more attractive and spacious with its lighting choices. So, read on and consider your options.

Small Bedroom Lighting Solutions

Small Bedroom Lighting

Small Bedroom Lighting

Small Bedroom Lighting Ceiling Lights
The ceiling has a lot of potentials to be decorated with various types and forms of interesting lighting. Even for a small space, you have more potential to decorate it. Fixtures such as a lantern or a clear accented chandelier are the most sensible ideas for your small space. Lighting like this will work well in even a small space, and they won’t destroy the view.

Small Bedroom Lighting Options with crystal materials can be considered for those who want a more luxurious look in the room. The chandelier with crystals will reflect incoming light and illuminate every side of the room. Using a smaller scale fixture (fits into space) is better because it won’t overwhelm your space.

Wall sconces are often ignored by homeowners! Why are they being ignored? Though they have more advantages for lighting small bedrooms. The advantage of them is that they can be placed in even a narrow corner and can provide additional atmosphere and special boundaries for space. Giving sconces light over the nightstands can enhance the appearance of your nightstands and keep them clean and organized.

Lampshade with texture
Remember how we suggested playing neutral colors in small spaces? This will also work for your lighting selection. Lamp Shade with a more attractive texture can be a way to maximize the appearance of a small space.

We love a lampshade with a chic rattan to make the atmosphere in our room even more dramatic. Rattan or lampshade in linen can work just as well.

More light sources
One of our designer friends said that, no matter how much space you have. Using more than one light source will provide aesthetic value in the bedroom. A small bedroom is better to have at least 2 light sources to illuminate and add to the appearance of the space.

When you need more light, turning on all light sources can work. Whereas turning on one light source can provide a warm or dramatic light for your space. The difference in height and placement will also have an impact on your light source.

Flush Mount In Small Bedroom Lighting
The ceiling is often referred to as the fifth wall for a reason! An eye-catching Flus-Mount or Semi-Flush placed in the middle of a small bedroom will work well. Even when you can bring in flush lighting with an elegant (unique) look it will catch the eye to him without taking up a lot of space.

Swing Sconces
For those of you who are addicted to bedtime books, looking for light fixtures like this will make it easier for you to get a proper reading area in bed. The ease of adjustment of this equipment will make you more comfortable reading in bed.

Floor Lamp In Small Bedroom Lighting
Do you think a floor lamp will take up more floor space in a small room? It’s time to reconsider! A floor lamp with a cantilevered swing arm beside the bed can do some unexpected havings and illuminate important areas of the surface. Floor lamps also work well for those of you who have bedside areas that need extra lighting.

After you have read this article, what decision will you make? Do you still want to use only one light source? I do not think so! So, consider bringing at least 2 lighting sources to maximize the look in your small space.

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