Clever Ideas Make a Small bedroom look bigger Really Work

Clever Ideas Make a Small Bedroom Look Bigger Really Work!

The size of a small bedroom is a common problem faced by many people, maybe including you. However, the existing size is not a problem to create a charming room appearance. For a small bedroom look bigger, you need a special trick to deceive the eyes of the users of the space. Here is a secret trick to create a wider impression in a small bedroom. . .

Clever Tips make a small bedroom look bigger

vertical area

When you have a small space, start with a vertical area! Remember that the floor in a small space is very valuable. However, you have walls and ceilings to optimize the space. Try decorating the wall and ceiling areas to create a more attractive appearance and seem more spacious.

A floor-to-ceiling built-in shelf is a great example of increasing interest, serving as storage, and creating a visually appealing display. In addition, wall-hanging shelves are also a great option to fill space while being an efficient storage area.

To keep the lookup and feel airy, be sure to use a shelf or whatever it is in a tone that resembles a wall.

Use a mirror

Clever Ideas Make a Small bedroom look bigger Really Work
Clever Ideas Make a Small bedroom look bigger Really Work

A good bedroom should at least have a full-size mirror (at least make it easier for you to get ready). However, a small bedroom will look great with some decorative mirrors!

Mirrors are an item to create a small bedroom look bigger, by using them you will trick the eyes of the room user into thinking that this is a bigger room. There are several ideas for incorporating a mirror into a small bedroom such as:

  • Using a mirror in the cabinet
  • Decorative mirror
  • Starburst mirror above the bed
  • Mirror with a carved frame as a focal point

To perfect a small bedroom decorating project, try using 2 from the list above. And feel the great impact of using it!


The next tip to make a small bedroom look bigger is to include furniture with slender legs. Elevated furniture will allow you to see the floor and think this is a larger space.

However, you don’t have to load all the furniture with slender legs! At least, you can bring one or two items. Maybe a nightstand, dressing table, or even a bed is a very suitable choice to consider.

The more floors that are visible, the more spacious the space will appear!

Furniture scale

Clever Ideas Make a Small bedroom look bigger Really Work
Clever Ideas Make a Small bedroom look bigger Really Work

When it comes to decorating small spaces, this doesn’t necessarily mean you have to have small furniture too! However, you must determine the pieces that match the scale you have. A king-sized bed with a pair of small nightstands would look very strange, wouldn’t it?

However, what if you use a bed that is large enough and can accommodate a nightstand beside it? Likewise, when inserting a dressing table, a tall and narrow dresser will work better than a wide and short table!

Window treatment

If the size of your bedroom is large enough, the use of curtains or blinds in contrasting tones on the walls is a very suitable idea. However, for a small bedroom, it would be better if you use a wall treatment that has a tone like the walls.

This way, you’ll keep your eyes moving around the space, tricking your eyes into thinking it’s a bigger space!

Wall sconces above the bed

Clever Ideas Make a Small bedroom look bigger Really Work
Clever Ideas Make a Small bedroom look bigger Really Work

Instead of using bedside lamps, it would be better if you use wall sconces above the bed to replace them! A pair of sconces on the bed (especially with arms) will provide task lighting that is perfect for those of you who like to read before bed.

In addition, its use also serves to draw the eye upward, creating a more spacious room, and reducing visual clutter around your bed.

Use a softer mold

Don’t be afraid to use prints in your small space! However, to get an airy impression, use a smaller and denser print. This is a way that really works in your small bedroom.

Try to use sheets and blankets in solid tones, then tone them in small, solid prints. Also, make sure you stick to light to medium tones to create a (visually) airy feel.

Try the Light Palette

White tones are a really effective space-opening option! But that doesn’t mean your bedroom has to resemble an operating room. You don’t need to decorate everything in white, but it helps to stick to a soft, light palette. Pastels work great in small rooms, as do soft shades of gray.

Try white mixed with one bright or medium color, like the blue and white shown here. For the most impact, stick to cool colors – soft blues, greens, and purples help to enlarge the space, while warmer colors have the opposite effect.


Clever Ideas Make a Small bedroom look bigger Really Work
Clever Ideas Make a Small bedroom look bigger Really Work

The last is to ensure that the bedroom is always clean of clutter. Whatever you’ve been doing in a small bedroom, with the above trick. However, not keeping the room clean then what you have done will be in vain.

Getting rid of various unnecessary (excessive) items, items belonging to other spaces, and anything that is not needed is the most appropriate way to optimize your space. Keep in mind that small bedrooms are limited in size, with scattered items making them feel even more cramped!

Best lighting for small bedroom To Apply

Ceiling light

Best Small Bedroom Lighting Options
Best Small Bedroom Lighting Options

The first best lighting for a small bedroom is to use a ceiling light! Besides being an effective space saver, this lamp is an option for a lighting fixture that won’t overwhelm your space.

These Guest Bedroom Essentials You Must Have!

If you want to get a more luxurious look, you can consider the choice of crystal chandeliers. In addition to increasing the charm of the space, the crystals will help you to reflect the natural light that enters the room.

wall sconces

Best Small Bedroom Lighting Options
Best Small Bedroom Lighting Options

As we mentioned earlier, wall sconces are fixtures that really work in small spaces. And wall sconces are a must for small bedrooms (in my opinion)! Not only being a task-type light, but the right choice will help you to set the mood in the room.

More Fixtures

I don’t know how big your bedroom is, but using some fixtures is a great way to enhance the aesthetics in it! Small bedroom, deserves more light sources (which differ from each other).

If you want to include fixtures, make sure each item works well to light up the area you want or at least creates the impression of a warmer space and eliminates the gloomy feeling inside.

Play texture

In a small-scale space, textures will work well to maximize the atmosphere in the space. Just like using lighting with a wicker hood will open up space and give a more dramatic and fun impression to your bedroom.

Use Flush Mount

The ceiling is also touted as the fifth wall. Using a flush or semi flush will make a statement without taking up your floor area! Being able to find an item with a dramatic look will draw attention upwards with the resulting illusion of a taller space!

Appear More Courageous

Ceiling fixtures are the item that commands a great supply of lighting (not just overhead in small spaces). When looking for overhead fixtures, make sure to try to get the best fixtures that can be used as additional focal points in your bedroom.

So do you have an idea to make small bedroom look bigger? If you have other ideas write them in the comments column, we really appreciate it.

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