Have you recently moved into an apartment after years of living with your parents? Or are you someone who applies a minimalist decoration concept to a small bedroom?

Tired of the so-so look of a small bedroom? It’s time for your DIY small bedroom makeover! Applying these Small Bedroom Remodel Ideas will make it easier for you to update the look of your bedroom without spending too much of your budget.

Hack Small Bedroom Remodel Ideas

Moving Items

Small Bedroom Remodel Ideas

Small Bedroom Remodel Ideas

If you feel this bedroom is too small and unpleasant, try starting to remodel small bedroom by moving various items in it. In fact, simply pushing the bed to the other side of the room can give it a completely different look!

A simple example is by pushing the bed into a different corner of the room you will get a more refreshing aesthetic impression of space. Moving the bed will also make your vertical objects a more visible focal point and free up the floor area.

In order to get more lighting in the room, you can also move the bed near the window. This area makes the most sense to bring in more lighting and will also leave you with more wall area to optimize.

Division of the room area

6 Small Bedroom Remodel Ideas

6 Small Bedroom Remodel Ideas

When you start looking for Small Bedroom Remodel Ideas on a budget, try dividing the room into sections. Organizing the space and a few isolated corners will give you more free space and create the impression that the space is larger than it really is.

The use of carpet will help you need to define the bed area, besides making it look more luxurious, the carpet will also give a warm impression to the bedroom. The addition of a nightstand can also make the space even more luxurious! All that is needed is to add a few items to it to make the nightstand more alluring.

the division of space is also very helpful for those who live in dormitories or those who work from home. The idea of dividing space can be started by removing all the items you don’t need (related to work). That way you will be more flexible when working and can sleep comfortably without any disturbance from unnecessary items!

Space Storage

When you have a small bedroom, of course the floor area is a very important area for you. And when there is no space to store items, then the only storage area that can be used is in the vertical area!

Adding some wall shelves can be the most appropriate option to get more storage space.

As well as being able to free the floor area from clutter, the use of wall shelves will also increase the decoration in your bedroom. It’s the perfect choice to add style and storage to a small space.

Color Palette Change

Small Bedroom Remodel Ideas With Low Budget

Small Bedroom Remodel Ideas With Low Budget

No less using it in Small Bedroom Remodel Ideas is to update the color palette in the room. A successful change of color palette to brighten up a room. Replacing them with trendy, brighter tones will create a more upscale and relaxing feel to the space. Not only on wall paint, but you can play with colors on various items in the room.

Changing the tone of the bed linen, changing one tone on the wall area, and on other decorative areas will completely change the atmosphere in the bedroom!


Many people think that more pillows will make a room look more luxurious and it is true! Using more pillows will not only make your bedroom look more luxurious, but you’ll also be more comfortable here!

Decorative plants

The last Small Bedroom Remodel idea is to add some ornamental plants into the room. This addition not only works well to enhance the look of the bedroom but also provides many benefits to its use.

One of the benefits of using plants in the bedroom is that they add a pop of color, refresh the space, and provide a better quality of sleep. Don’t be afraid to care for it, because you can get lots of houseplants with minimal maintenance!