Small Entryway Ideas That Will Surprise Your Guests

Small Entryway Ideas That Will Surprise Your Guests

Small Entryway

How was your entryway decoration? Do they offer the impression of luxury and charm for an entrance to the living room area? Or just a dark area? There is no doubt that the entrance area is the area that your guests will first see, and also the area that greets you when you get home from work. Entry gives the first impression for everyone who enters your home.
Giving a bold and attractive appearance is something to consider. Even for your minimal entry area! We have a few tips for your entrance area and give a more attractive impression to your guests. An idea that you can try for your area with a variety of wall hangings that are more charming, don’t let your guests just be greeted by a blank wall that is empty when they open the door to your home!


Small Entryway Ideas That Will Surprise Your Guests

Small Entryway Ideas That Will Surprise Your Guests
Small Entryway Ideas That Will Surprise Your Guests
Here are some wall hangings for your entry that you can try:
Wall Tips
Tips can be a must for your entry because of their function to hang your guests’ clothes and their raincoats. Using tips at your entry will give the impression that you are making decorations to make it easier for them to place their items and a welcome when they arrive.
Before you put tips on the entry wall, it’s a good idea to look for studs before you install them! There’s nothing funny about seeing your tips fall after your guest puts the coat on.
Chair or bench
The small bench that is on the side of your wall has an important enough role to greet and greet you before you leave the house. This placement idea is only to provide a sitting room for you and your guests to wear shoes. This placement is truly an excellent choice for you to try, don’t let your guests stand and lift one of their feet to wear shoes!


Wallpaper can be the right way to improve the quality of your entrance. There is nothing better by displaying a beautiful and charming space to get an amazing first impression for guests. Large geometric wallpapers make a good choice for you. And if your entry is minimalist, you can use bold colors to make a bigger impression on your entry.

Use the Carpet

Carpets can be a good choice for you, using carpets at the entry is a perfect choice when you only have a wall at your entry. Adding a carpet will be welcome for your guests. For the best carpet selection at your entry is a material that is easy to clean.

Floating shelf

Floating Shelf is the most perfect area to put keys and several letters without having to reach the floor, using a floating shelf with a built-in hook will make the decoration more perfect for your Entry area. This method is truly an option for saving your wall space!


Nobody likes dark and dark areas, lighting is something you should pay attention to when decorating your entry. A large and tall chandelier or by adding wall sconces can be the right way to make lighting at your entry more attractive and light the way to your sofa without having to trip over your carpet or furniture.

Brave entrance

The entrance in your home becomes a connecting gate between the outside world and the charming decoration of your interior. In the entry area, you will not get another chance besides decorating your walls, floor, and also your door. So why don’t we use the decorations?

The way you can decorate your door is to use bold contrasting tones there. A door with a contrasting tone will make a space statement and be a focal point in your entry, they really show where they can leave your house.


If you have a free area there, you might consider adding a minimal console table to place bags or welcome books for your guests. There’s nothing more fun when you add a table with a storage, or a table that has a free area underneath for additional storage areas for shoes, bags, and other items that can make you trip.

Give extra storage

If the floor in front of your door becomes a messy area with your belongings, shoes, bags, or umbrellas. You can provide storage to increase the storage of your belongings there. They are a good choice for tidying the room without having to eat more floor area.


The mirror in the entrance area functions not only as a check of your clothes when going out. However, a mirror at the entry will provide additional space at your entry. A mirror that reflects light will make the room bigger and brighter, a very simple trick to add light to your entry area.

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Mail container

The most annoying thing when it comes to the entrance area is finding a letter scattered on the floor and requiring you to bend over to pick it up, adding a letter container at the door can be an effective way to collect incoming mail without having to bend.


Give life to your entry with additional plants. Giving plants at entry will give you extra fun colors there and plant or hanging plants can add to the attraction at the entry!

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