Everyone who has limited space must have felt that pressure! YES…. Limited space is one of the factors that can increase stress for homeowners, this is because limited space can look very chaotic and unpleasant. However, with these small living room arrangement ideas, you will find a more relaxing limited space.

In arranging a space, you are required to create a space that is comfortable, soothing, and still charming. Likewise for those who have a small living room! However, when you can plan it carefully, even the smallest space will still be pleasant to live in. With these small living room arrangement ideas, it will be easier for you to organize your space without having to hire professionals!

Small living room arrangement Ideas

Small Living Room arrangement

Small Living Room arrangement

Basically, the living room can have several roles at once, namely as a space that is used to receive guests, gather with family, and so on. Thus, homeowners must really be able to arrange the living room so that it can present an atmosphere as comfortable as possible when lived in.

When we are faced with choosing furniture for a small space, the first thing to underline is choosing furniture based on its function! Prioritizing function in selecting furniture is the wisest idea in arranging a small living room.

In choosing furniture, you can start by choosing furniture that has multiple functions, a sleek appearance, and additional storage whenever possible. When it comes time to organize your small living room, then some of these small living room arrangement ideas can be a reference to get started!

Symmetrical Spatial Arrangement

A symmetrical arrangement will make your room more visible and indirectly make it feel more manageable and relaxing. But when arranged it won’t be too slim, because a small room can look like a box! Try to separate the lines with some curves and textured surfaces to increase interest in your small living room.

Lift Furniture

Furniture that has slender legs is a very effective small living room arrangement idea! This trick will free up the floor and increase the proportions of your room. Especially for sofas, it is not uncommon for a sofa to be a single item for a small living room and this is a golden opportunity to make the room look more spacious.

An idea that you can try in a small space is to have a sofa that is smaller in size and has slender, raised legs. Don’t forget to create a visual trick inside, layered lighting in a narrow space can create a feeling of space inside!

Build a room

It will be a wise decision if you replace the sofa with chairs to save more space. Utilizing an existing corner of the room by using a lounger with the addition of soft pillows can be the right decision for your small room.

Multifunctional furniture, buying two pieces of furniture for a small living room can take up a lot of space. However, buying furniture with multiple functions can save you more floor area!

Don’t forget the mirror

When it comes to decorating a small living room, we can never forget about the mirror in it! Mirrors are brilliant small living room arrangement ideas for doubling space. The idea of using it is to find the most strategic place in the room and hang a mirror there.

What needs to be considered when hanging a mirror in a room is to make sure that your mirror does not reflect the clutter of the room. The nature of the mirror is to multiply, so is the chaos that is before it. So, be careful!

More Storage

The best small living room arrangement ideas are by presenting more storage in the room. One of my favorite tricks for managing small spaces is to use wall shelves! Wall shelves have a variety of varied styles and can be used as a focal point for your room.

A ladder-style bookshelf and added mirror will give you more storage space while making the space feel more spacious!

Smart in choosing furniture

Small Living Room arrangement Ideas Must try

Small Living Room arrangement Ideas Must try

When a large sofa is not suitable for your room, then try to consider using a more compact and practical corner sofa. This option will provide maximum comfort without wasting your valuable space.

If you often find guests staying over, try using a more flexible sofa bed! Apart from saving more space, a sofa bed is a perfect idea for relaxing without having to leave the living room.

Be More Creative

If in the room there are niches and alcoves, then try to turn them into comfortable sitting areas. Niches or alcoves are potential areas for additional seating in a small living room, this is because these areas do not eat up your precious floor area!


The last and no less important small living room arrangement ideas is to maximize the lighting in it. A small room that is arranged in such a way will not work without clear lighting in it. Try adding multiple light sources such as wall lamps, table lamps, and downlights to create more dramatic lighting and make the space feel cozier.

An option that should not be forgotten is to use a swing arm wall lamp, in addition to illuminating the corner of the room, this lamp can also be directed according to your needs.

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