11 Small Living Room Lighting Ideas That Work For You

11 Small Living Room Lighting Ideas That Work For You

Small living room lighting is not just about having the right equipment, but also about how to create layers of light in the room that are ambient, decorative, and also a task. These 3 types of lighting should be present subtly, and thoroughly flow through the room to get the best look inside!

When choosing to light for a small space, the right portion and scheme are very important. Because the lighting will control the appearance, atmosphere, and comfort in it.

In deciding on Small living room lighting, you must pay attention to the balance of the type, light source, and style! Lighting is a very decisive element, especially for small-scale rooms.

Given that the living room is a multifunctional room with a variety of activities there, from playing, doing chores, receiving guests, and even sleeping. You really have to come up with the right lighting scheme and mirrors to cope with the various activities that are there!

Choosing the right lighting scheme will allow you to highlight the various features that are available, and also place the lighting in the right area to set the mood. Without making a clear plan, this is just wishful thinking.

For small living room lighting, the choice is not about how many light sources there are. However, this is based on the space available and what it is for! The best plan for lighting up a small living room is to cover it with multiple lights and allow as much flexibility as possible.

With the right lighting, it will be easier for you to create a roomier appearance (visually), so let’s start choosing lighting in your small living room.

Some small living room lighting ideas

Small living room lighting to improve mood
You can start by replacing some of the existing lighting fixtures! Consider adding some lamps such as floor lamps and table lamps to enhance the atmosphere in your small living room. Not just attractive (visually), but with a little consideration of your placement, it will make the user’s mood warmer and more romantic.

You only need to plan funds, shapes, and sizes for additional lighting fixtures. Try to replace the pendant with a shape that is more charming and eye-catching, it sounds like a lot of money but the impact is worth it!

Use downlights
You can place all lighting fixtures on one dimmer switch and several circuits in each room. Generally, having a downlight, one table lamp, and a lamp as the focus of the lighting will create a completely charming feel in your small living room.

for small-scale rooms with low ceilings, you can place a pendant lamp with a unique shape to attract the attention of users.

Make a statement for Small living room lighting
What’s trending right now is creating nuance in the space using a statement fixture. The choice of decorative items such as patterned lights is the best way to give your living room a burst of color, day or night.

The best Living Room Lighting Ideas in here!

Bringing more tones to the fixture is a practical way to enhance the color in the room, without having to change the tone of the walls or furniture.

Lighting layer
Whether it’s for a normal-sized living room or small living room lighting, creating a light layer is a must-do to enhance the ambiance of the space. To create a lighting layer, you can start by combining a wall lamp with a decorative table lamp.

Apart from that, having a large pendant lamp also has a big impact on the flow of lighting in your small living room.

Lighting details
Giving the eye something more attractive when entering a room is a great way to enhance the ambiance of the living room. Options such as pointing LED downlights for several areas such as bookshelves or decorative items can be an alternative for you.

Flexible lamp
Including an arm-wall lamp or a table lamp is a smart idea for general lighting in the room. Table lamps can be moved at will when you are not using them, while wall lamps with directable arms will make it easier for you to focus on Small living room lighting in places that need lighting.

Large size lamp
Don’t be afraid to get bigger! A large pendant lamp is a very good idea for your small living room lighting. Options such as large pendant lamps, drum pendants, or jumbo floor lamps are options for those who want to look more luxurious with existing lighting.

Materials and textures
The right choice of lighting will enhance the look, define the space, create an atmosphere, and also highlight the existing designs in your room. So, when choosing Small living room lighting, try to choose based on the material and function of the space.

The metal material will give the impression of an industrial space with a brighter appearance for the impression of a larger space. Meanwhile, pendant lighting with glass will provide more lighting.

Optimization of each source
The more lighting sources in the room, the easier it will be to set the mood and make the room feel more comfortable to live in. A small living room will feel cramped and unpleasant when the lighting is dim.

To create the appearance of a room that feels bigger, you can try to group several fixtures and maximize other existing light sources. This way the visual effect is better than a standalone light source!

Stay in tune
To get the best Small living room lighting, adjustments to the color scheme will give a more organized and simpler feel to the space. So, when you enter the lighting in the living room, make sure to match the various items that are there such as accessories or furniture.

You can look different with lighting, but don’t give all your lighting items a striking tone! Too much use of flashy tones in a lighting fixture will create the impression of a busy space.

Take advantage of mirrors for double lighting
In theory, a small living room couldn’t be made bigger! However, with a little creativity, you can create a room that feels more spacious (visually). The trick is to use a mirror, during the day the mirror will reflect the natural light that comes with the result that the room feels brighter and bigger.

And at night, the soft lighting emitted from your fixtures will be reflected for warmer, more dramatic results. The key to the success of using a mirror is in its arrangement, make sure you place the mirror in a strategic position to reflect the incoming light and then spread it evenly!

For the success of Small living room lighting, you must divide lighting into 3 types, namely task, accent, and ambient! Each lighting must be present from a different light source. From a pendant lamp, table lamp, floor lamp, or spotlight.

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