9 Small Terrace Design Ideas Must Try

9 Small Terrace Design Ideas Must Try

A well-designed terrace can be a place to get some peace in the midst of the hustle and bustle of a busy city! However, a terrace in the middle of a city often comes with many challenges that require creativity to get through. A cramped space, limited walking area, and an awkward position to adjust!

These small terrace design ideas are the right solution for those of you who want a more comfortable and organized look for your downtown terrace. These small terrace design ideas don’t cost extra for work, but do require you to be a more creative person so that projects run smoothly!

Small Terrace Design Ideas

Small Terrace Design Ideas Make the terrace feel natural

Create a completely comfortable, nature-inspired retreat on your roof! Small terrace design ideas by creating an area with lots of foliage there you will get a completely comfortable place with a feeling of greenery enveloping the terrace. However, don’t forget to give a little area for chairs and tables so you can still enjoy a comfortable afternoon on the terrace.

A vine placed on the wall will give the impression of a natural green area to add freshness there. Some ornamental trees can also be an alternative to be placed in the terrace area so that the appearance becomes more varied and inspired by nature.

Small Terrace Design Ideas with Simple color palette

If you have a really tight area, coloring and using the right color palette will be key to the success of your decorating project. Small terrace design ideas by doing color repetition with 2 color tones can create a more dramatic terrace look. By using 2 color repetitions, the terrace will feel neater without having to appear too busy.

Try pairing it with a luxurious corner sofa, wicker chairs with arms, and umbrellas to keep the terrace comfortable when the weather is hot!

Design with added grass

These small terrace design ideas are a really suitable choice for those who want to create a peaceful atmosphere to relax and enjoy a cup of coffee in the afternoon. Creating a soft screen with tall tall grass and shady trees will give a soothing rustic look.

Adding a soft bench under this area will also provide a very comfortable area to relax in the middle of a hot day. Even the good news is that this kind of grass doesn’t need a fair amount of maintenance, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to water it.

Small terrace design ideas by optimizing the sitting area

In an area that is very small in size, a chairlift is the most sensible idea to optimize the existing display. This chair won’t clutter the floor and is a valuable option for creating a more complex patio look.

This is like a secret weapon to maximize the appearance of a small room (terrace). However, when inserting a chairlift into the terrace you should consult a professional to minimize damage to the building structure that is there.

A completely green look

Try to create a patio look full of natural greenery! Put a comfortable sofa that covers your entire floor area, they will create a spacious and comfortable seating appearance for 2-3 people and provide ample leg area for narrow areas.

Instead of putting too many pots on a small terrace, you can optimize existing plants by using vines or hanging plants that are placed behind the sofa. Vertical areas are a great choice for small areas, wherever they are!

Visual Illusions

A park in the middle of a city would feel very oppressive because of the tall fences and tall buildings around it! however, with a little creativity, we can transform the existing negative look into a more charming design with a high wall for the illusion of a multi-story garden.

An elevated planter will provide a sleeping area for a row of shelter boxes with a neater appearance. The 3-tiered planter positioned behind the sofa will add a more charming layer of green to your patio. In fact, this method will make it easier for users to move more freely on the terrace without obstacles in the floor area.

Clean lines

Small terrace design ideas to look more optimally can be done by including clean lines! A modern style garden will come with more clean lines, than a garden with sinuous waters, with loose borders in various places! A modern look will often come with a vertical look that is clean and organized.

A neat terrace arrangement can also be realized using custom seating, integrated plantations, and a stone wall feature with a more striking pattern. Adding some chair cushions with a calm and organized look will enhance the look of your minimalist garden.

Choose the Best Plants

Many people will be tempted to bring too many plants onto their terraces, but for a small terrace, this is not a good thing! When you have a small terrace, the best way to optimize its appearance is to make a selection of the plants to input. Instead of bringing in too many plants, it would be better if you include some of the best plants to make your patio a tidier look with a more charming appearance.

Lighting Optimization

The last small terrace design idea in this article is to optimize the appearance of the lighting! No matter how good or fancy the designs you have are not going to work out when they are invisible (visible). To make the design look clearer, you have to pay attention to how light is on your porch.

The best option for creating a glowing terrace is to have at least 3 light sources, learn more here.

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