Smart Tricks to Install Sectional Sofas

Smart Tricks to Install Sectional Sofas

Sectional Sofas

When not paying attention to the design, you will get a part that has a gap between some parts when your couch shifts and this is very annoying for adults, causing accidents for children and dangerous for pets. When you finish designing your room, this isn’t complete.
The sofa can be a piece of furniture that connects several separate parts and unites them in one unit that becomes a focal point in your living room. And when the sofa has no connectors, using a separate bottom locking bracket is a good way to bring the straps closer to the sectional sofa.

Smart Tricks to Install Sectional Sofas

Smart Tricks to Install Sectional Sofas
Smart Tricks to Install Sectional Sofas
Side Locking Installation
  • Arrange the sofa pieces regularly, and leave gaps that you can apply in each section.
  • Stand in front of the first cut and push together. Make sure they are parallel to, Raise the male side and move on top and align with the female side, then lower and lock.
  • Then Move the opposite end of the configuration and repeat for the next two sections, align the bracket, and lift the male side and lock with the female. When you move from one side to the other, you will reduce the weight of all the couches that you must lift.
  • Connect with the remaining parts and connect each process together
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Bottom and key
  • Position each section according to your desire, and leave about 1 foot apart for each section.
  • Squat between the first two parts. And feel then pull the bracket on your side.
  • Adjust each section and make sure the brackets are always aligned. Push the single-branch bracket and push it into the fork-style bracket section, and Lift when it has to fit into the Sectional sofa. Push until locked (CLICK).
  • Repeat for all devices.
  • Set the connection with the configuration in accordance with what you want and the ends are overlapping. It has been carefully designed to allow the connection of two or more parts, all to your liking. Maybe you are using a part with an L shape or a shorter form.
  • Lift the first section and place it on the top of your platform, aligning the legs in the connector holes. When lifting it, invite a friend because this is quite heavy.
  • Repeat the process until each section is connected.

When you do the installation, you will get several different connections. Some are bolt-style or maybe T slots which can connect two or more. For convenience, read the instructions connecting the sofa section from the edge and around it.

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