Basically, the flow of feng shui for a house is not only influenced by the inside of the room but also based on outdoor feng shui! When you have good feng shui flow indoors, but not outdoors then it’s a waste!

Presenting outdoor feng shui is a more difficult challenge than presenting feng shui indoors. However, there are still ways to create a better feng shui outdoor flow. Some of these methods will serve as your guide to getting a good flow of outdoor feng shui that is good for your interior as well.

Basically, for the good flow of outdoor feng shui, you can use 2 methods, namely by using colors that complement the natural appearance that is around the house or using house colors that have elements of the birth of your family members.

You can create a good feng shui flow for any area of the room by integrating the outdoor appearance with the existing environment either naturally or created.

Smart Ways to Present Outdoor Feng Shui

Outdoor feng shui based on color

To get a good feng shui flow outside, you need to give your home a look that is balanced with your surroundings! Indeed, this is a very difficult task, especially in a financial position. However, with some creativity as well as a few simple tweaks to your yard you can create a better outdoor look with a balance in feng shui and bring harmony to you!

The first step you can try is to know the natural colors that exist and also the colors on the exterior of your neighbor’s house. This method is not to camouflage the house and visually disappear but to provide a sense of harmony by making the outdoor appearance blend naturally with the natural surroundings.

However, the use of bold colors can add more appeal to your home! Color choices like red or yellow applied to architectural details will give your home more appeal and attract more positive energy into the room!

You need to know that presenting the best outdoor feng shui can be determined by the use of your front door! Why is that? Basically, the flow of positive energy is believed to flow through the front door and when designing outdoor feng shui, the front door has a big influence on the flow of energy available!

The front door has a duty to include a positive energy flow and must have a balanced color to keep the energy flowing into the room.

To provide flow and capture more positive energy into the house, the choice of front door color can be based on the direction toward your home. Here are some colors that would suit your home:

  1. East: Black, blue and green
  2. West: Brown, white, and also gray
  3. North: Blue, white and black
  4. South: Purple, red, and green

To get beautiful colors in a feng shui garden, lilies are an option to consider! Find out how to grow lilies for maximum display here.

Apart from the colors available, make sure to also use the best quality doors you can get. In this way, the energy flow will be stronger and can ward off negative energy from entering the room!

Don’t forget to apply your landscape elements!

Smart Ways to Present Outdoor Feng Shui 1

Smart Ways to Present Outdoor Feng Shui

Outdoor feng shui is not based on how outdoor you have. However, what quality is there in the garden itself! In order to get a good feng shui flow in the landscape, there are a number of things you must do.


Closely related to health! Give some plants that have a greenish appearance and are also well cared for! Options such as ornamental trees with large leaves can be an option to enhance outdoor feng shui in this area.

North area

This area represents a career! In this area, you can insert a water feature in black and dark blue tones to amplify the positive flow there.


In terms of knowledge as well as spirituality, this area creates an eye-catching garden appearance and provides additional seating to admire it.


This is an area that symbolizes both success and finance! So the best tones are gold as well as purple, the addition of a wooden ornament will increase the energy flow here.


Areas related to love, for this area you can add benches and swings in pink, yellow, and red too!


Being the most appropriate place to foster creativity, so we recommend making this area free without any ornaments so that children can play freely there.


It is the most appropriate place to provide a fire feature, usually close to a terrace or pergola and used as a gathering place and playing together


Is an area related to novelty, this area could be a more spacious area with metal elements complemented by white as well as gray!

Don’t forget the balance!

If you want to get the best outdoor feng shui, then implementing the right feng shui system will give you more positive energy flow into the room. And not only that, by implementing the right outdoor feng shui system, the outdoor appearance will be even more charming and also comfortable to enjoy.

Creating a good outdoor feng shui look is not only based on the layout, and on the health of the garden but also on the Bagua map! To present it, you can use the following guidelines:

  • Bring in the wind chimes to provide a positive flow of energy from the air
  • Create a curved path to drain the CHI well in the garden
  • Create a water feature in the southeast of the park
  • Use the right colors for planting (this can follow the guidelines for determining the color of the front door).
  • The Northeast can be related to growth and can be related to Zen or using rocks.

By following the above methods, you can create a good feng shui outdoor flow and provide a sense of inner comfort and tranquility for both you and the garden user!

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