Stone Floor Cleaning Guide for Best Floor Appearance

Stone Floor Cleaning Guide for Best Floor Appearance

Stone Floor Cleaning

Stone floors are an investment that is quite expensive, that’s why maintaining and caring for stone floors is a must. Basically, keeping the stone floor looking radiant is the job of a pro. If you want to get a prime look for a stone floor, then getting to know the advice of a professional is the best way to go. This stone floor cleaning guide is a collection of effective ways to maximize the appearance of a floor and maintain its appeal for years.

Here are tips for keeping the appearance of stone floors attractive every time.

Stone Floor Cleaning Guide

Stone Floor Cleaning Guide for Best Floor Appearance
Stone Floor Cleaning Guide for Best Floor Appearance

Best practice
The thing to pay attention to when starting to clean stone floors is to choose cleaning products that are not too acidic. Cleaning products that have excessively acidic or alkaline properties will remove the shiny finish on your floors. A neutral floor cleaning product option is the most sensible way to stone floor cleaning (whatever the stone is).

pH7 is a fairly good content for stone floors, anything below 7 is a product with an acid content that can be bad for stone floors.

The content below 7 has excess acidity, which can make the sealant thin and contribute to etching. While the ingredients above 7 have alkaline properties, which are great for removing dirt and oil stains, but they can leave a damaging residue!

Everything About Stone Flooring You Must Know

What should be considered next in stone floor cleaning is taking simple steps to perform minimal maintenance every day (especially for marble). With regular cleaning, you will find it easier to maintain the appearance, and cleaning projects will run more effectively and prevent the floor from scratches that can occur.

Basically, there are 2 steps of stone floor cleaning that you must do on every flooring material you have.

  1. Spray it with a proper cleaning product and use a microfiber cloth to clean it. This cleaning project requires you to lightly moisten the floor and let it sit for a while to make it work more effectively at removing dirt. And mop carefully, this method is very effective to minimize the amount of dirt that can enter and destroy the appearance of the grout lines or holes in the floor.
  2. The second is to bring in a bucket with floor cleaner then dip the mop and micro-pads in water, wring it out until the cloth is damp and then mop. This is a cleaning method that will work well for kitchen areas, as areas with too much water will remove clinging water. As this project progresses, make sure to always use a clean cloth to clean your floors!

Area Lines And Crevices
For areas of rock that are not ground, they will have indentations as well as gaps in the ground where dirt builds up. If you leave it alone then no cleaning product can really get rid of it. What’s more, for those who use stone tiles, the debris stuck in the grout lines will be very difficult to remove and become a big problem later on.

When this happens, using the Scrubber with a brush is the only way to minimize grime! A tool like Lil Chazzler is a really great idea for you because it’s made of rubber and won’t hurt the floor when used.

Stone Floor Protection
To get a prime appearance on a stone floor, a Stone floor cleaning project is not the way to do it carefully. However, you also have to pay attention to how to maintain your stone floors! Sealing is a great and very important way to make stone floors have a longer life. Stone flooring is a porous material, which means it has holes that are prone to spills, grease, and stains.

It is these properties that make Stone floor cleaning projects more difficult than other materials. With the sealer, it will cover the existing holes and keep dirt on the surface so that it is easier to clean. And when using a product with organic content, the sealer will scratch and allow dirt to penetrate deeper into your stone layers.

The most common cleaning option is an alkaline detergent combined with water and a mop. The soapy water collects dirt and makes the tiles appear cleaner. When the soap settles on the surface, and the rinsing isn’t done properly, the soap will collect dirt on the grout lines and porous holes.

That is the reason why ph. neutral stone floor cleaning is the best way to do it. Make sure to buy a cleaning product labeled residue-free, neutral, and pH7 as these are the best for your stone floors.

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