Teenage Bedroom Cleaning Checklist

Are you a person who has a clean and organized area of the house? Is this true? Try checking out your child’s bedroom! Are their rooms as clean and tidy as other rooms? I don’t think so. Many homeowners say that every teenager’s room is never clean or tidy. And when we tell it, it’s like talking to stones, right? However, you can try to use this idea to get them to clean the room without fighting back. This teenage bedroom cleaning checklist will make cleaning the bedroom easier for your teenager and without having to sulk!

To make the teenage bedroom cleaning checklist work more effectively, some of these things must be implemented in your teen’s room first:

  • Clean the floor area by removing any clutter that is there
  • Don’t let them bring food or snacks, because the debris from them will invite insects to come
  • Prepare a basket as a place to put dirty clothes and wet towels. Wet towels and dirty clothes can be the main reason a bedroom has a lot of mold and mildew.

Make them understand why a teenage bedroom cleaning checklist must be done, reasons such as:

  1. Space becomes fresher
  2. Make it easy to find items in the bedroom
  3. Minimizes wrinkles
  4. With a clean bedroom, there will also be fewer germs
  5. When friends come, and the bedroom is messy they will feel embarrassed!

5 Teenage Bedroom Cleaning Checklist

5 Teenage Bedroom Cleaning Checklist

5 Teenage Bedroom Cleaning Checklist

Let’s Begin!
The first teenage bedroom cleaning checklist to do is to provide your teen’s room with a container large enough for his bedroom. This container will function as a place to place items that do not come from the bedroom. By easily throwing other room items into the basket, they will keep the room clean and organized. Then another basket for throwing dirty clothes and towels.

It is rare for a teenager to properly place towels in his room, and this is why a basket will help them become more organized (at least have a place to throw). Give them a minimal vacuum cleaner in the room so that when they have an area that’s dirty enough, they don’t have to go to another room looking for a vacuum.

Yes, telling teens can be a more difficult job, but it has to be done.

Make them have a regular, regular schedule for their bedroom cleaning projects. Having them clean the bedroom before heading to a friend’s house can be a trigger for a violent fight. However, it’s different when you give them a fixed schedule for their own cleaning project. Teenage bedroom cleaning checklists will be more effective when they have a regular schedule. Make them do their own bedroom cleaning efforts! Wiping surfaces, changing bed sheets, sorting clean clothes, and then a storage project.

These Really Simple Cleaning Bedroom

Give Them Full Power Over Their Room
Remember even though it’s your house, they also have a private space in it. Give them a little bit of pressure that you want every inch of space in the house to be kept clean and organized (including your teen’s bedroom). A little pressure can work well for them, even if you apply pressure but let them control every cleaning that’s in it.

Like giving them freedom in decorating space, choosing room accessories, and so on. By giving them freedom in their own bedroom arrangement, the teenage bedroom cleaning checklist will be easier to apply.

Allow privacy
Not only do we need privacy, everyone needs it too (including your teenager). Putting a little pressure on their space inspection will make them nervous and keep them in a clean and orderly condition. Occasionally approaching the bedroom to ensure cleanliness and order is not something that violates the teenage bedroom cleaning checklist!

Give an Example
This is a simple sample for your teenager! When you make every room in the house clean and orderly every time, teenagers will also follow how you clean the room. This is the reason why you should keep every space clean to teach your child to also keep his personal space clean.

Teenage bedroom cleaning checklists will work more effectively when you set an example and also let them work according to their own schedule! Taking a little violence in giving orders will not work to do so.

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