Indoor Plants

Many homeowners do not realize that putting some plants in a room can be a refreshing decoration in the house. Not only the freshness you can get but it adds a green impression, it will also improve the quality of life in the room.

Using plants indoors can be a good choice for decorating your home, it will even make your home more comfortable and comfortable. Find out the benefits of incorporating plants in your home, read and study our articles to make you aware of the extraordinary benefits of using plants in your room.

The Benefits of Using Indoor Plants

The Benefits of Using Indoor Plants You Should Know min 1

The quality of air in the house, the body will draw oxygen and will automatically release carbon dioxide inside. Plants naturally absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen when they carry out photosynthesis. In contrast to the way, humans and plants breathe, with this pattern plants and humans become mutually beneficial partners even for plants indoors. You will easily add good oxygen levels to the room by bringing plants into the house. And plants will stop photosynthesis at night, and plants will breathe like humans, absorb oxygen and release carbon dioxide. For those of you who want air quality in your bedroom, you can use orchid plants, succulents, and epiphytic bromeliads for freshness in your bedroom. Because this plant will still absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen for the night though.

Release of Water, in the process of photosynthesis and plant respiration, will evaporate water which causes an increase in the humidity of the air inside your home. Plants will release at least 97% of the water that they get. Thus you can create air humidity in your room by placing several plants together, and the humidity you will get, moist air will protect you from respiratory problems. Even the use of plants in the room will effectively minimize dry skin, colds, sore throats, and dry cough. Very useful right?

A good poison filter, in this case, the plant will release toxins that are mixed in the air in your room. Even they will filter 87% of the organic compounds that evaporate in your room. The waste substances that are in your carpet, vinyl, cigarette smoke, and also your shopping basket all have poison and poison will be filtered naturally by your plants. Plants will purify a trapped air and make the air cleaner and better quality.

Good for your health, maybe not many people know why there are some hospitals that build parks in the middle of hospital buildings. Plants that are in the hospital or even in the hospital room will speed up recovery from patients who have finished the operation. Plants in the patient’s room will make the patient more relaxed and less in need of painkillers compared to patient rooms without plants in them. Plants in hospital rooms also make heart rate and blood pressure more stable and also minimize fatigue and anxiety.

This also applies in an office that gives their room some ornamental plants, this plant gives workers comfort and freshness when they work even this plant reduces fatigue, colds, headaches, and coughs. If plants can work very well in the hospital and also in the office, why not for your home?

Giving sharpness to focus, in a study stated that students will get 70% more attention when they are faced with lessons while indoors with plants. The presence of plants sharpens the focus of the students and this makes them more focused on what they are doing.

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For placement of plants in the room, can vary depending on the purpose you need.
To improve health and minimize fatigue or stress, you can invest in a large-scale plant (pots with a diameter of 8 inches or more) this method is even used for an office to avoid workers from stress.
For air cleaning, you can bring in 10-15 plants with 6-8 inch diameter pots in a 1,900-square-foot house. However, you can use 2-4 small plants with 3-4 inch pots in your home.

To get the perfect selection and placement of plants in the house you must pay attention to the placement and compatibility of your plants with the room that you are.

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