The Best Choice Of Plants For The Bathroom To Add Freshness

The Best Choice Of Plants For The Bathroom To Add Freshness

Plants For The Bathroom

Bringing plants into the house is one of the easiest ways to make the air in the room more clean and refreshing. Indoor plants can be found in every room in your home, including in the bathroom. Even plants can have a great impact when you place it in the bathroom or in the work area, bridging plants in the bathroom will be a way to purify chemicals that are often brought in to some of your toiletries. While bringing plants into the work area will increase the focus for you.
Even more than that, bringing plants into the bathroom has more advantages. Bringing it into the bathroom removes bacteria, and also expects excess moisture there. Bringing it into the bathroom will directly turn the room into your private spa area with the family. However, there are many types of plants out there and the selection of bathroom plants can be very daunting. Next, we have a list of selection of bathroom plants that can grow well in a bathroom with a high level of humidity.

Plants For The Bathroom To Add Freshness

The Best Choice Of Plants For The Bathroom To Add Freshness

Aloe vera
The first plant that can be suitable for your bathroom is the Aloe Vera plant, this plant is known for its various options for healing and existing treatments. Even the gel that is in it can be the first helper when you get a wound and can be an option to relieve wounds with a lasting effect even this plant can be a plant with many other benefits.
However, the best news from this plant is that aloe vera is a plant that has strong endurance and is a plant that is difficult to kill. They also have flexibility in the placement, you can hang them or leave them on the floor. Aloe vera is also a plant that can be in even high light areas. For this reason, aloe vera is the choice of plants that can grow well in your bathroom.

For excessive watering can be the easiest way to kill them! When you are going to water, make sure their soil really dries up.

This plant is a beautiful plant with a combination of green and white, this plant is the plant that is most loved by homeowners with their ease of care. Besides being easy to maintain, this plant also has a fast reproductive system with long durability. When you have one spider, they will produce buds that you can plant to become new spider plants in your room. It’s really practical!
Tests from NASA stated that this plant can neutralize formaldehyde and is effective in removing 95% of chemicals in 1 day. Ease of getting cleaner air in the bathroom, when you put a spider hanging near your shower. This plant prefers moist areas and develops in shaded areas.
This plant is an ornamental plant that can be said to be the most preferred by homeowners. With stretched leaves, and also has many versatile benefits. Ferns also become flexible plants with ease of placement such as hanging baskets or only on the floor. You will find many choices for ferns, from different types, shapes, and colors. Ferns become plants that can grow well when they are in damp and shady areas.

Care of ferns is also very easy, they only need water when their soil is completely dry.

Snake Plant
This plant is a plant that is often made as an ornamental plant in the room with many names such as ladyfingers, tongue-in-law, but many people know it better as a snake plant! This plant becomes a plant that is easy to treat even for those of you who do not have green fingers.
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Even these plants are plants that can stand alone without a lot of care, do not need a lot of water, and are suitable to be in a humid area because they will address the water needs of the surrounding humidity. Besides being in a humid area, this plant also only likes areas with minimal light. The growth that can be said to be very fast makes you have to do supervision, and when it grows too big then replace it with a bigger pot.
Orchid is a beautiful flowering plant that grows in tropical areas, plants that are more like this moist area will be excellent in your bathroom. Even in the bathroom, they can grow more optimally with the humidity there. This plant is like other plants in this article, orchids also only require minimal lighting to grow and develop.
You can also get a variety of orchid choices, with ease of care. One type of our favorite is Phalaenopsis which can grow well in the bathroom (with ventilation).

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