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Plants have an important value in feng shui, in addition to being present to improve the quality and aesthetics of space. Feng shui home plants will act as magnets for natural energy in your home or office, but not all plants can! When it comes to the best plants for bringing feng shui into the home, there are a few guidelines to follow.

Best Feng Shui Home Plants Will Bring Luck

The Best Feng Shui Home Plants Will Bring Luck To Your Home

The Best Feng Shui Home Plants Will Bring Luck To Your Home

Plants and Feng Shui?
One of the main elements in feng shui decoration is plants, plants have a wooden element that has growth energy and vital activity for space. They also serve as inspiration for compassion, kindness, and flexibility. The green color that is present in a space, more green shading is often associated with healing.

The key to the success of feng shui decoration is to look at the interconnections in two ways. In feng shui, it is said that some plants can oppose presenting good energy. And there are plants that have a stronger attraction for positive energy in space. Let’s discuss them one by one!

Choice of feng shui home plants for positive energy in space:
In the feng shui decorating guidelines, you will find some great plant choices to increase the feng shui energy in the home (but when cared for properly). The choice of plants with soft, round leaves is an entirely good choice because they provide better energy and are nutritious. Here are some plants to consider:

  • Best Feng Shui Home Plants Areca Palm: Apart from being a choice for plants in feng shui, this one choice is a plant that will purify the air better. They are plants that will outgrow other plants, with exotic, fan-shaped leaves. They are also plants that require bright but indirect lighting.
  • Feng Shui Home Plants Boston Fern: Boston fern is easy to care for, but requires you to provide adequate light for it. They are also great for small spaces and make good hanging plants.
  • Feng Shui Home Plant Jade Plants: Or often known as money plants, this plant is a succulent that has many round leaves. This plant will give a lush and soft impression to any space.
  • Feng Shui Home Plant Lucky Bamboo: Bamboo is a plant that is tied to feng shui, each of which is believed to have its own symbolic meaning. For example, two bamboo sticks mean love and three sticks symbolize happiness.
  • Feng Shui Home Plant Snake plant: This hard to kill species is also a great feng shui home plant. As well as being durable, they are also an easy choice to care for and grow quickly.
  • Feng Shui Home Plant Golden Photos: These are also easy options to care for and breed. This plant is very fertile, and vines with beautiful leaves in the shape of a heart and is a choice that will purify the air in your space.

Feng Shui Home Plant That Defy
In Feng Shui Home Plant, you will also be familiar with the concept of “SHA QI” or often known as sharp energy. This energy is obtained when there is the energy that attacks or arises from sharp objects that lead to the body, and it drains personality. When choosing a feng shui plant, be sure to avoid the choice of plants that have lots of thorns, and are spiky.

Plants such as cacti should be crossed off your home feng shui plant list, to keep the flow of feng shui good in your room.

Apart from spiky or thorny plants, plants that are dying will also drain positive energy in the room. So, when you want to bring plants to make sure to choose plants that you can care for easily. Making sure plants stay healthy and fertile is a good way to define feng shui.

What about fake plants? This becomes a complicated question! When you use it, then making sure the plants are of high quality to receive various benefits must be done. The plants chosen must have a realistic appearance to fool the eye.

Best Feng Shui Home Plants with Bagua
Once you are done with knowing the best feng shui home plants, then it’s time to determine their placement. To determine the best planting area, you should use a Bagua map (a room divider in 9 categories). By knowing the Bagua plan, you will get the most strategic placement for each of your plant choices. Apart from placement, you also have to pay attention to the sunlight, air flow, and humidity that each plant needs.

How To Present Feng Shui In Home

The application of Feng Shui Home Plant in the house must also pay attention to the Bagua area! This is a high traffic area and is divided into 9 areas. This area also has its own elements with wood, fire, earth, metal, and also water. In the Bagua map, you will get a translation in 8 trigrams and this is something that is very important to create harmony and balance in any space.

Bagua map Placement? And how do you determine it?
The Bagua map will be divided into 9 separate areas which are closely related to various themes. In it, you will get a central area of the box known as the heart of the house, or a place where energy is distributed in each different sector.

In the Bagua map, you will get a map set up that deals with each section that corresponds to your outdoor destination. For example, if you are hoping to get better financially, then giving plants in the area of wealth and prosperity is believed to help you financially. And here are some ways to bring energy into every area and in your life.

  1. Wealth and Prosperity (abundance)
    You can place plants in the southeast area of the house or in the left and back corners. The elements to present are wood, or with healthy plants in blue and green tones.
  2. Fame and Reputation (Praise)
    Sections in the south or center back area are the most suitable areas for adding plants. They have the element of fire, for refinement you have to use candles, as well as the tones of fire in them.
  3. Love (passion)
    The location is in the southwest area or the back right corner. With earth and fire-related elements, you can add some hues of red, pink, burgundy, and also yellow. As well as some furniture with a partner.
  4. Children and Creativity (creativity)
    Placement in the west area of the house or right-center with metal elements. The use of white, metal, and gold will enhance it.
  5. Health (food and motivation)
    East area and center-left with wooden elements. Use lush wooden furniture, plants, and flowers. Green and blue tones with bold height lines optimize the display.
  6. Knowledge (wisdom)
    Northeast area or lower-left corner with earth and water elements. The altar and floor feature cushions, crystals, and some inspirational pictures.
  7. Career (job)
    North of the house and the bottom with the water element. Additions of dark colors, mirrors, paintings, and water features will work.
  8. Travel (networking and guidance)
    In the northwest area of the house or the lower right side with metal elements. You can enhance it with round items, and metal.
  9. Health (Foundation)
    The central area of the room is earthy and finished with warm, soothing earth tones.

So, you’ve finished deciding what plants and where to place the feng shui home plants? Then do it for a better flow of positive energy in your room.

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