The Best Material For Decorating Your Roof And Its Price

Home decoration now makes your house sparkle with accessories inside your home, generally many people ignore decorations like the roof in their home. they are too busy fixing their rooms and forgetting their roof which is really the factor that most decorators must pay attention to in every home. How come? Decorating a roof is extra work to do and forces you to brighten it. There are many types of materials that you will only use to decorate your roof, from materials that are very expensive and there are some materials that make sense to use in roof decoration. choosing materials for your roof can be a job with the added thought that you just have to believe it correctly. we tend to create this article to look at materials to brighten up your roof that will last for 20 years.

The Best Choice For Roofing In Your Home

The Best Material For Decorating Your Roof And Its Price

Let’s start by discussing decorating the material for our metal roofs. Metal material has a relatively cheap fund to beautify our roof, this material we will get with a value of about $ 1.80 per foot- $ 6.00 per square foot, taking into account the type of metal that we tend to like. The material of this metal was very interesting a few years ago, however, it had a chic value at the time because the material used was copper, tin and also metal for the cloth. the most affordable material at present is the material from Galvanized metal which is most preferred in storm-prone areas. This galvanized material is simple for installation and also very simple. Versatile metal tile in every decoration in various seasons. Metal tile has many designs, motifs, textures, and colors that will allow you to adjust it to your personal style.

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When choosing to use metal tiles there are some advantages and disadvantages that you should know include:

  • Durability: The durability of this material is said to be very good, anti-breakage, and also sturdy. Besides being suitable in all weather types of tile, it also has resistance from mold, termites, and rust. This metal roof tile will last for around 20 years without serious damage.
  • Lightweight: Metal tile has a texture sheet that makes this material very light to use and has a big difference compared to concrete roofs that can be 10x the difference in weight available, with its lightweight nature this metal roofing is highly recommended with you who live in earthquake-prone areas.
  • Easy installation: The metal roofing material has a light texture and makes this material easily installable, adding support with mild steel material is a very effective way.
  • Inexpensive: Metal roofing can be a cost-saving choice, how come this material is not large in size and you will only need a few sheets for your roof.
  • Many variants: In addition to metal materials that have an affordable and lightweight price you can also choose many color choices that you like. You can adjust it to your home decoration, which is a modern, traditional, and minimalist home.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Metal roofing is very interesting because it is also very environmentally friendly, you can get a roof with recycled material that reaches 60% even damaged tiles can be reused for making new tiles.
In addition to the advantages of metal materials above there are also some shortcomings that you should know:
  • Heat: The use of metal roofing is not a solution to the heat problem in your home. Metal is a very good conductor, when you use this material the heat from the sun will continue into your room causing heat in the room.
  • Noisy: When installing on a roof, this material will make a disturbing sound, especially when it rains, the sound of rain will be 2x louder than the roof with other materials.

The next recommended building material is wood. especially red cedar, red cedar has resistance to insect attack and also does not rot quickly. In addition to a reasonable roof, cedar is also a favorite for materials on chairs and tables, your window is no exception because it is resistant to direct sunlight. Weather-resistant texture makes cedar wood a good choice for your roof. Streaks on wood can make wood more attractive. The value of wood that can be calculated is around $ 70.00 per square foot – $ 100.00 per square foot, depending on the manufacturer and shingle style.
Advantages :
  • Easy Installation: In using wood for the roof you have advantages for the installation side because it is easy for any handyman to do the installation. You do not need to look for special craftsmen to install wood roofs in every area, you must have a reliable artisan in this regard.
  • Natural Impression: When you use a wooden roof, the natural impression that you will get in your decoration, you will definitely feel the beauty when you see it.
Deficiency :

  • Flammable: As with other wood cedar is also combustible when an accident occurs and causes the fire the worst possibility is the fire will devour everything that is no exception to your roof and this will definitely be difficult to extinguish.
  • Expanding and Shrinking: When using wood for a roof, when the wood has water in it, the wood will shrink when it dries and this causes the connection of the wood to be stretched.
Clay can be a dream material in your home, with this material it will look attractive to your home. Evidence of mold resistance, decay, and resistance to insect attacks. The value offered for this material is around $ 150.00 per foot – $ 400.00 per foot. Heavyweight roofs can have an effect on that price.
Advantages :
  • Friendly price: The price offered from this clay roof can be an option for those of you who want minimal budget in your home.
  • Compressive Strength: The strength of this clay roof is truly extraordinary. This roof can hold the weight of an adult and will withstand when stepped on.
  • No Heat: If the metal roofing material is an effective conductor of heat, then this material from the ground is a material that absorbs heat from entering your room. This material is a solution to overcome the hot air in your home.
  • Noise and Durable: The right thickness for this earthen roof makes rainwater fall not make a noisy noise to your home, and you will not be disturbed by it. In addition to not causing noise in the room roof made from the earth is very durable for years of use.
Deficiency :
  • Leakage Prone: Installation of every corner on the roof must be watched carefully because only with a slight shift you will find a leak in your home.
  • Moldy: Care for this soil roof you should pay attention to, the article when your roof is moist this material will easily mossy and make your home feel unhealthy at that time.
  • Fast Color Fade: This roofing material will quickly fade when exposed to extreme weather because when making only use the combustion process without any other advanced processes.

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