Easily and charming roof decoration is a natural desire for every homeowner. Decorating in a modern and prominent style Will be a job that requires extra creativity and energy. Your knowledge with the name of the roof style is important for you to understand, each of the above will have its own uniqueness and characteristics. A unique roof will be a dream for every homeowner of course.
Read and know some of the roof styles that we present in this article, maybe useful and can inspire you in choosing a roof to decorate your home.
Types of Roof You Must Know
The Best Roof Type For Your Home

Hip roof
The hip roof is a type of top that was once popular in Italy, this roof has another name hipped roof. You can start using this roof in your home. Make it along the road in the United States into a hip-roofed house. Basically, the Hip roof has a simple design and is easy to build in your house. The triangular roof that combines the 4 sides of your wall has the awesome power to withstand strong winds and even hurricanes.
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Flat roof
The flat roof is the answer to your finances, this roof becomes an economical choice for you. A flat roof will save a lot of your costs because this roof has less material to build and is easy to construct a roof. Besides saving your costs, a flat roof will also save time because this roof can be built in a short time. A problem that is often asked by homeowners Is this roof really 100% flat? No, in fact, this roof has a slight slope to anticipate leaks and drain water properly. This roof will go well with a minimalist design that saves development costs.
Dome roof
Like the name dome roof, this dome-shaped is really unique and interesting. Besides having an appeal because of the unique shape of the roof. This roof is also known as a roof that lasts a long time. Like the Newgrange building or the 5,200-year-old stone Age monument built by Stone farmers in Ireland. The dome-style roof has a very sharp slope, has resistance to wind and also drain the water quickly to make the roof stay dry.
Gazebo roof
The gazebo roof has an elegant Six square shape design. Six sides of a square that are displayed roof Gazebo is very for but simple, making this house has more appeal. Its angular meeting is very suitable for blocking the wind and suitable for those of you who live in the storm region. This decoration has a high level of complexity, when you want this decoration you have to hire an experienced craftsman and you will spend quite a long time in the manufacturing process.
Gambrel roof
The Gambrel roof is a roof that has a historic feel to its shape. The gambrel roof is usually known as a historic granary. The oldest Gambrel roof building you will find at Harvard University, built-in 1677.
Besides having a stylish roof shape, a gambrel roof will be the best choice for those of you who want a large attic. With this large attic size, you have the possibility to make a bed there and still have the style to form your roof.
Curved roof
The curved roof is one style of roof that offers attractive shapes and has a high aesthetic value. In addition to having high aesthetic appeal and value, this roof has advantages to reduce heat. You don’t need to be agitated when the sun hits.
The most prominent weakness of this roof is the limited material for making the roof.
Leaning Roof
The bias resting roof design is known as a sleek design. This roof design is preferred in areas prone to rain and snow. This design has an amazing level of slope, with the aim of running water continuously and making the roof dry. Basically, the more sloping your roof the better. However, this does not apply to tropical zone, in the tropics the slope can be adjusted to the taste of the homeowner.
Mansard roof
Mansard roof has a design that seems to be able to hug 65% of the size of your home, this roof is very popular in Europe because it can maintain the warmth in a room. Besides having a unique style, this roof decoration has high aesthetic power. It has a great effect on your home, classic but still popular in this day and age.