Living Room Wall Art

All in the same perception! A living room with a blank wall in a room without pleasure and feels bare. So there is nothing better to decorate the living room than sticking wall art. Where can we start wall art installation in the living room? Corner of the room? Middle of the room or from where? The blank wall in the living room is really like a blank canvas and requires a brush to color it. When trying to decorate a blank wall, we don’t need art with high selling points, we just need to decorate it right? Sometimes this opportunity can also be a way to add color to the living room and make the corner light in a dark room.
You just need a little creativity and have fun while decorating your room. Here are the steps for placing the living room wall art that you can try.

Living Room Wall Art

The Best Tricks and Placement in Living Room Wall Art

DIY Style Wall Art Choices
Remember carefully, the art that is on the living room wall is not always wall art with a large budget. We even prefer to be creative and make our own wall art (without plagiarism). With our own creations, we can create a truly unique art without being able to match our art. Here are things that we often display in the living room based on artistic creativity in our home:


  • We give a beautiful frame to the art that our child made (colorful and no two art)
  • We load a decorative box for antique keys, simple jewelry.
  • Frame a unique book or a classic map plan
  • Framing last year’s vacation photos with our family


So we never spend too much money to make wall art leaning against the wall of our living room. You can make some personal art and then hang it on the wall, this is a fun DIY project for the weekend right?
Placement Area
To place wall art in the living room, you will get the 3 most strategic areas. Here are the most sensible and strategic wall art placement ideas in your room:
Above the Fireplace
For those of you who have a living room with a fireplace, then you have a strategic area to place your wall art. However, the placement above the fireplace can be an area that is quite difficult because of the height of your placement. You should provide an area of about 5-10 inches between the bottom of the art and the top of the coat, this makes for a more attractive and uncluttered look there. And for those of you who want a more casual look, you can lean wall art above the fireplace.
The area between the windows
If you have an empty area between your windows, then that area is a suitable area to be filled with wall art. The use of curtains may be a barrier to the use of your wall art and can make the impression of a more crowded room. So at least you can provide a curtain-free area about 5 inches from the edge of the wall art and the edge of the curtain.
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⥤Top of the Sofa
This is the most common area for displaying wall art, how big your room will not be a problem when you follow these installation rules:


  • For those of you who hang wall art, make sure the size of the existing art is no more than 2/3 the width of the sofa.
  • Hangers of group wall art, make sure you set it 2/3 of the width of the sofa.
  • Group hangers make sure you have a consistent distance between the art. At least 2-3 inches between frames.
  • Give consistent space at the bottom of the art frame and the top of the sofa at least 8 inches

When you do a grouping of wall art then you can provide additional texture, drama, and also a visual impression in the room.

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