The Most Easy Indoor Trees List In Care

The Most Easy Indoor Trees List In Care

Indoor Trees

For those of you who want an attractive and fresher look for a room, considering purchasing an indoor tree would be a good choice to consider. The tree in the room will function like furniture. Trees that are inserted into the room will be additional decoration, air freshener, and become an anchor in it.
Trees that are brought in will be as popular as ornamental plants with the structural value they carry. For those of you who really want the charming appearance of using indoor trees with proper care and light. Make sure you read this article and get the choice of indoor tress for the best fit in your room.

Most Easy Indoor Trees List In Care

Indoor Trees
Fig Fiddle Leaf
The first choice with an attractive appearance for your interior tree is the Fid Fiddle Leaf, a tree with the appearance of this beautiful violin leaf that gives an added attraction to any room in your home. The favorite place of this tree is the bathroom, but the living room can also function as a suitable place. Additional fresh air, lighting, and humidity that support will provide maximum results for the appearance of trees.
Lighting: Bright or filtered lighting
Condition: Always humid with a temperature of 60-80°F
Weeping Fig
This one tree is better known as the Ficus tree, a tree with green color, and also the ease of care has become an idol for trees in the room. Placement in a well-lit area will reduce the leaves that fall from the tree.
The best placement is a room with sufficient light (large windows, ceiling lighting, and windows facing the south). Easier maintenance with drained soil, as well as watering the soil when it starts to dry.
Lighting: Bright light is not immediate
Humidity: Keeping the soil moist, but not wet at 65-85° F
A tree with a pleasant aroma that will defeat the fragrance of any air freshener. The indoor tree is very effective, citrus trees will provide fruit, and also a refreshing aroma at any time is not surprised that this tree has become the choice of many tree enthusiasts in the room. Water, lighting, humidity, and fertilizer must continue to be given to this tree.
Lighting: Direct sunlight
Humidity: The soil remains moist rather than wet with a temperature of 50-80° F
Pine Island Norfolk
Pine trees in pots will give a great Christmas look. However, all you need to know is that pine trees are not only good at Christmas! But they can provide shade all year long! The growth of trees that are slow enough to make them last long indoors, but when removed they can grow more than 100 feet. When you bring it into the room, you can find trees that grow about 2 feet every year. Lighting, sprinkling, and light rain can make a pine smile broadly.
Lighting: Full sunlight will provide pleasant shade in the room.
Humidity: When the soil dries, this is the best time to water, the best temperature for this tree is 65-70°F
This one tree has wide leaves with a soothing dark green sparkle. Rubber trees like air with moderate temperatures, and humid areas. To get the longevity of this tree, you can periodically wipe the leaves to remove odors and rotting leaves.
Lighting: Bright with filtered light
Lighting: Prevention of soil moisture remains good for plants. The most suitable temperature for plants is 50-80°F
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This tree is a good choice for accent living in a contemporary style room. With strong stems and shaped like a rope. You can be creative with a tree display that can vary with the existing height. Create a different height for each tree and they will give your room an elegant appearance. Make sure you have enough lighting for the tree, and when the height is not pleasant you can cut it!
Lighting: Fairly bright sunlight (but not direct)
Moisture: Give regular watering with drainage. Good temperature between 40-90°F
Umbrella tree
This tree is one good choice for a room with minimal lighting or a window facing north! With the ease of care makes them preferred by users of the room, but this tree is also the best place for pests such as crust and mites. This tree likes moist areas but not a bag of pots with stagnant water!
Lighting: Indirect bright lighting
Moisture: Give watering every week and when the soil begins to dry. Room temperature with 60°F and above is the most preferred temperature!
For those of you who are really looking for the easiest maintenance indoor tree, you can consider this one tree! Sculptures from the appearance of leaves and stems make them give them an interesting look at feng shui. In fact, this tree is ranked top for the tree with the easiest care for beginners.
Lighting: This tree is not very fond of direct light (at least 4-6 hours of sunlight every day is enough).
Moisture: Make sure they have moist soil at all times. And the temperature is around 55-75°F.
Here is a list of indoor Trees choices for you. So consider the best tree for your room with care and suitability in your area!

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