The Safest Tricks To Remove Wallpaper

The Safest Tricks To Remove Wallpaper

Remove Wallpaper

When you are a person who uses wallpaper in your room and wants to change or remove wallpaper. Maybe you should know how to remove your wallpaper or change to a more trendy choice. To take off the wallpaper perfectly without leaving a mark on the wall that you do the first time is sure. It’s not as difficult!
We have consulted with wallpaper wall installation experts, and they say there is nothing difficult in removing wallpaper without leaving marks on the wall. Even when the wallpaper uses the right primer, you will have no difficulty in removing the wallpaper. However, when they don’t hang paper this will be a bit of a problem.

To be able to scroll down this article and get an easy way to remove wallpaper without leaving stains and blisters on the walls.

The Safest Tricks To Remove Wallpaper

The Safest Tricks To Remove Wallpaper

Protect the room
Before starting to remove wallpaper in the room make sure you use a protective covering for your surface because the process of removing the wallpaper will use soap and water. Use painter tape to cover the trim and molding, and for maximum protection, you can use a floor covering on each side.

This is the time to release your wallpaper. When the old wallpaper has begun to peel off, you can start the peeling process by smoothing the wallpaper with your bare hands (without water). Use a paring knife and find the edge of the wallpaper and then file it slowly.

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To facilitate the removal of wallpaper on the wall after you exfoliate by hand or with a knife. It’s time you use a spray on the wall, spray the paper with warm water and this will help in separating the wallpaper from your wall. Use a generic spray bottle, but using a vacuum spray will speed up the process. In some cases, using a steamer is the best way. However, make sure you cover the floor with plastic or cloth so that you can spray safer.

After you let the water soak in the wallpaper, it’s time to scrape again. Use a taping knife, and slowly remove the paper from the wall from left to right or up and down all depending on how easy your erosion is. And when you have trouble peeling back, use your spray again on the wallpaper to make it easier to remove.

When scrubbing wallpaper, be careful with the wall behind the wallpaper because you might be able to give scratches to the wall without realizing it.

Wash up
After all the wallpaper is gone, it’s time to wash the walls and remove all the paste and primer on the wall. Use a damp sponge and rinse several times to completely remove the paste or primer from it.

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Puree it
When you find a speck of paste on the wall, this can be a destroyer in your next wall treatment. When you don’t finish it, when painting the walls, the paint will only flake off and make your appearance crumble. For wallpaper, you will get a wallpaper that is bulging and can’t stick properly.

Putting the gel stripper on the attached paste, and scraping it off the wall is a way to make the plaster smoother.

When done with everything, this is the time to choose a new design for your wall.

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