Hardwood Floors

The choice of flooring from natural materials has indeed become an option that gives an elegant look to any room in your home. As with the use of hardwood floors will provide a truly beautiful appearance and has great durability. With its long-lasting nature with a variety of stains and high traffic makes hardwood floors the most sought-after choice for homeowners.
But still, this is also man-made which has a weakness, to get a hard floor with a look that is maintained for many years you have to do various treatments for your floor. Maintenance is the first step that must be done to get a floor with an attractive appearance and last for years.

Things Destroy the Display of Hardwood Floors

Things Destroy the Display of Hardwood Floors

Can children damage wooden floors?
Not a few of the homeowners blame their children when they find the floor scratched or damaged. Indeed, children are not one of the causes of the destruction of your wooden floors, but the fact that children are the top ranking in the causes of the destruction of wooden floors.
No wonder right? They are still curious and do various activities to solve their curiosity. Like gouging wooden floors, banging the floor using toys, scribbling here and there with markers, and much more. However, children can damage the floor because you as a homeowner do not take good precautions.
You need to note this! Be careful with wheeled toys in your room. Sometimes when you play in the yard with this toy, the wheels can bring in gravel, and when not noticed, it can become a scratcher on your floor. This can happen to your shoes too! So we more often take off shoes and footwear before stepping on our wooden floor or use the mat at the front door and before entering the floor area.
Cleaning that damage the floor?
In fact, the use of water to clean wooden floors is a big mistake! Water can be toxic to your wooden floors, floors with cellular structures will respond to water and water that is not immediately removed from the surface of the floor can be a major cause of swelling and then decay the floor.
The fix is using a dry mop (squeeze it until it’s really moist). However, to avoid mistakes in cleaning make sure you minimize the use of water in-floor treatments.
Poller water is good for the floor?
We would never leave our wooden floors in the water even if it was just a splash of spilled drinks. We always clean wooden floors as soon as possible to facilitate and maintain the durability and appearance of the floor. Wood floors with seams do look strong enough to hold water in, but the fact is they are staring at letting water enter slowly!
Pet Paws?
Many homeowners have cats and their house dogs, but pets will never be good for hardwood floors. We are aware that the scratches that appear on wooden floors are mostly scratched from pet paws.
So we recommend that you invest in hardwood floors with high durability values. Species such as Brazilian walnut, maple, and bamboo are hardwood flooring options that are quite resistant to your pet’s claws. However, regular pet claw cutting is the best trick available today.
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Scratches from your pet’s paws aren’t entirely your fault. Sometimes you can also get scratched when furniture is shifted.
Dirt and dust?
It would be better to make a rule that shoes are a ban on your floor area! Gravel and dirt that is outside the house can get in through your intermediary footwear. Even if you don’t clean the floor with dirt, it can be the fastest way to damage the floor. Every box that crosses the floor can make the coat blunt and make you have to polish immediately.
Polishing a hard floor with a drum sander can be a problem that will damage the top layer of the floor. When you do too much drum sowing it can slowly destroy the board. The use of a drum sander is also very bad for engineering wood floors because a drum sander can be a material that chews the top veneer layer.

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