Things You Need to Know About Elegant Rattan Furniture

Things You Need to Know About Elegant Rattan Furniture

Rattan Furniture

Rattan is one of the materials from the type of climbing or trailing palm from tropical forests in Asia. And Rattan becomes a very strong material for making complementary furniture in any room. And pleasant rattan is an excellent choice with hard stems and 1-2 inches in diameter with vines that thrive up to 500 feet.
When you harvest rattan, you will get a cut of up to 13 feet with a dry sheath removed. With the stem dried in the sun and stored as a seasoning. Long rattan poles are straightened and have a good value according to the quality and also the diameter of the rattan. Rattan with fewer segments, the better the quality of the rattan. The outer skin of the rattan can be a caning material, and the inside can be used as material for making furniture.

Weaving becomes a weaving process for your rattan with actual material. The elasticity of the rattan material makes rattan as a choice for making good furniture to decorate your home.

Things You Need to Know About Elegant Rattan Furniture

Things You Need to Know About Elegant Rattan Furniture

Rattan becomes a favorite material in the manufacture of furniture for both outside and inside your room, with the durability of bending and can be easily bent making this rattan material ideal with shape and style that is very charming for every corner of your room. With bright golden colors giving your room the impression of a tropical paradise that is soothing and comfortable for residents of the house.
For the choice of materials, rattan is a material that is very light and waterproof even with rattan you will be easier to move your furniture area without the help of others. Moisture is not a problem for rattan and even extreme temperatures will not eliminate the impression of your rattan basket. Insect? They are resistant to insect attacks.
Rattan and Bamboo?

Rattan and Bamboo are two different types of material from plants! Bamboo is a grass plant with a hollow cavity and growth ridge along the bamboo stem. And bamboo is an option for manufacturing small pieces of furniture and some accessories for the tropics. And producers of bamboo furniture use rattan poles to add fineness and also as additional strength to their furniture.

Glory of Rattan
In the 19th century, materials from bamboo and also some tropical furniture became the choice that was coveted by every homeowner in tropical climate areas, and then the Asian countries came to engraving with some bamboo furniture and also rattan for placement in the British climate area that was said very cold.
And in the 20th Century, rattans from the Philippines came to the United States and impressed them. In the 20th century, they began to use rattan for outdoor areas because the durability of rattan is very admirable. And rattan presents several new styles inspired by the southern sea with its romance. You might know him as Tropical Deco, Tiki, Hawaiiana, Island, and so on.
With the increase of pine from rattan furniture, a variety of styles and new appearance for rattan material began to emerge. Like the style of pretzel armchairs that captivate many people, with comfortable armrests. Rattan coffee table that is lightweight and easy to care for and so forth.
Rattan is a really good choice for each of your areas. The living room, outdoors on the side of the terrace and they are truly Vintage with a classic style from the 50s. Rattan continues to be a very charming furniture material and attracts attention for collectors and admirers alike. In terms of appearance, durability, elasticity is indeed great!

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Collectors like the appearance of designs, shapes, cuts, and some other collectors like pieces with rods or strands with the same position as an arm.
Rattan Supply
Rattan is a material for a variety of products in the manufacture of furniture and rattan is one material that provides support for the global economy worth $ 4 billion a year. And in the 1980s Indonesia encouraged the development of local rattan Mabel production and banned the export of raw rattan wine.
And until now rattan gathered from tropical Huan forest. And the area of rattan habitat has declined dramatically in recent decades, and rattan is experiencing a shortage of supply. And Indonesia is one of the two countries with certified rattan productivity!

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