Things You Should Consider About LED Strip Lights

Things You Should Consider About LED Strip Lights

LED Strip Lights

There are many homeowners who like LED Strip lights for their home area, these lights have various advantages and also benefits and the most preferred is these lamps have the cost of existing energy expenditure and provide lighting in accordance with the mood of the homeowner. In addition, LED light sticks can also be an option for the focal point in your favorite room prayer. To determine the choice of a good LED light, there are a few things you should consider:

Consider About LED Strip Lights

Things You Should Consider About LED Strip Lights

Type Options
LED Strips have a variety of options for you to take home, but what you really need to think about is choosing a lamp based on your needs. This type of LED light is available from a variety of choices of LED straps, fixed LEDs, LEDs with adhesives, and also multi-color or single-color LEDs. The choice of LEDs with strips is the most flexible choice for every type of LED light available, due to the ease of installation in the home area, and existing commercial space. While the selection of LED type rope will be the most perfect choice for placement in the park because it provides a more romantic atmosphere there.
In addition to the type of selection, you should also consider choosing a lamp based on the durability of the lamp itself. You can pay attention to the “IP Strip” rating, this rating is an indication of the durability of your lamp. The numbers are the easiest to read. The first number there is a hint of protection from dust, and 6 is the indicator that identifies the highest protection. The second digit provides information on water resistance. So the higher the number means that the stronger the power of the lamp.
Temperature and Color
This relates to how much color temperature you will give to the room, we are not talking about the physical temperature of the bulb, but this is about the temperature inside the LED which gives the appearance of the light with a warm or cold impression.
You are definitely familiar with Kelvin temperature units (K), and this lamp will get a temperature range between 2600k – 5800k. A lower temperature will give a warmer appearance, with a yellow light bulb. While lighting with a higher temperature will give the display a brighter color (blue). There are several considerations that you can use in your selection:


  • Outdoor lighting, bathrooms, and task lighting areas (5000k-5800k)
  • Kitchen and hallway (3400k-4000k)
  • Living room, bedroom, and entrance (2500k-3200k)


This is also a factor that will greatly influence your choice of LED String Lights, the choice of lamp length and power supply will be a factor that affects the durability of the lamp by identifying the energy as a wall per foot (W / ft).
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The selection of LED Strip Lights will never be good when you don’t pay attention to the brightness planning of the lamps (Lumens). LED lights have a variety of LED and LED light pedestal options that will give you the results of brightness depending on the density of your own LED, which can be concluded when you have LEDs that get denser then you will also get more Lumens and the resulting light becomes brighter. The following guidelines for using lumens:
  • Accent 150 – 250 lumens / feet
  • Under the cabinet (Task) 170-500 lumen/feet
  • Ceiling 300-1220 lumens / feet
  • Indirect lighting 350-1200 lumens / feet
  • Singnage 500-1200 lumens / feet

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