How To Refacing Your Kitchen Cabinet

Tips and Tricks for Refacing the Cabinet Quickly and Correctly


Changing the look in a room to be a normal thing, do not be surprised if we feel bored with the monotonous look to the room that we have. One of them when we change the design of our kitchen, we tend to allow changes to the appearance of the cabinet. Which makes it weird to redecorate the kitchen, we will be faced with a cabinet that we want to replace and destroy or throw away our old cabinet and this really makes our money. This can be like throwing away an expensive car just because you don’t like the color.
It’s time for you to learn a little with the term changing the appearance of the kitchen by way of refacing, this method can also be called changing the appearance with little cost.
Refacing the Cabinet

How To Refacing Your Kitchen Cabinet

How it works Refacing
The application of a refacing cabinet is a way to replace the cabinet by changing the skin of the cabinet and changing the door and also the front of the drawer to get a new layer for the body surface of your cabinet. Hinges handle and pull on the drawers can also be used when you repair.
A professional DIY who is also meticulous can do a cabinet repair by using a wood veneer kit and also some materials for refacing cabinets, cupboard doors, and also the front for drawers. You can try to do this in these ways:
  • Remove your cabinet door, remove your drawer, and also the front part.
  • Close the front of your cabinet, you can use wood veneer or melamine products.
  • Skin the sides of your cabinet using veneers, or you can also use laminate.
  • Add a new door hinge for your cabinet. However, if your old hinges are still in good condition you can use them again.
  • Then replace the door and front of your drawer.
  • You can replace several devices for your cabinets such as handle, drawer pull, and others. However, when you still have good quality hardware, you can replace it.
  • Glass panels, lights, or storage accessories you can add to add appeal to your cabinet.
You can spend several days doing repairs to your cabinet, you can manage your cabinet repairs in a fast way with just 3 days with these tips:
  1. Day one: Start your day with the removal of your hardware, doors, and other small parts that stick to it. Layering, then Lift when dry and start cleaning after the coating is dry.
  2. Day two: You can continue your coating, and do the cleaning after it has dried,
  3. Day three: When you finish lining, you can attach your door and other parts that you removed. Then make the final adjustments as you do everything yourself. You can use the kit to make your work easier

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Evaluation of Cabinet Refacing
You need to know when you are going to do refacing for your cabinet, there are some cabinets that you cannot change their appearance. However, this is not a warning that the old cabinet is a bad and bad cabinet. In some case studies provide the fact that older cabinets have a stronger construction when compared to new cabinet veneer use and also a new door will be a good way to make updates. A good cabinet for updates will have several elements including:
  • Strong cabinet construction of smooth plywood in good condition.
  • Cabinet frame with a solid wooden face. Hardwood frame Will make it easier for you to provide veneers and can anchor new doors.
  • Hardware in good condition. If you have drawers that are not smooth or don’t have shelves, you are only wasting your repair costs!
Refacing your cabinet will be a cheaper project than buying a new cabinet for your kitchen. However, don’t draw conclusions when you redecorate your kitchen that applying a cabbage refacing is an inexpensive alternative to a new look. You will incur costs for your replacement by an installation specialist who will pay 50% of the cost of installing a new cabinet and 70% of the installation of a stock rack in your kitchen.
The cost you would incur in a professional kitchen 10×12 foot replacement would be around $ 1,010 to $ 8,999 for laminate veneers, and maybe you could spend as much as $ 2,499 – $ 5,999 for real wood veneer. And costs above $ 9,000 are normal for larger capacity kitchens with high-quality coatings. For hardware you can spend extra up to $ 49 per piece, this is according to the quality you want. And you can spend $ 3,999 – $ 4,999 to buy a new cabinet and $ 21,000 when you do a custom cabinet.
Strengths and Weaknesses of Refacing Cabinet
When you want to do a Kitchen Cabinet Refacing you will get some advantages and disadvantages that you must understand :
The advantage
  1. The layout of the kitchen that does not change
  2. Having a choice of style, you will find a number of attractive veneers for your cabinet in either laminate or natural wood
  3. Save money, by refacing your cabinet will at least save your expenses by 45% from purchasing a custom cabinet
  4. This method is effective for greening. Refacing makes the cabinet box reusable without having to throw it in the trash
  1. When you do reface wood veneer will require finishing with coloring and also varnish
  2. You don’t get layout changes for your kitchen, because this method only updates your cabinet and not your layout
  3. The interior for your kitchen will not change. You may need additional paint to update the interior appearance of pale furniture
  4. The high difficulty, you need help from DIYer to change the look of your cabinet
Replacing the cabinet is a way to save your funds for kitchen renovations. However, if your device is not satisfied, it helps you to make updates to your cabinet.

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