Tips for Choosing the Best Bedroom Table Lamp

Tips for Choosing the Best Bedroom Table Lamp

Bedroom Table Lamp

The bedside lights provide additional lighting in your bedroom, and they also double as task lights that illuminate your reading activities, besides providing additional lights on the bedside will be additional lighting with amazing impact in the room. And when the time comes for the selection of bedside lamps, you will be faced with a number of choices that are enough to bind you. From the large lampshades, the appropriate height, and also the style for your lights. However, the good news is this website provides answers to all your questions. Here are the things you should note before investing in your bedside lamp.

Best Bedroom Table Lamp

Tips for Choosing the Best Bedroom Table Lamp

How Much Does It Need?
Actually, the placement of bedside lamps can be based on how many users of the room when you are in your own bedroom then the use of one sidelight is more than enough. However, when sleeping with your partner you will need one more additional sidelight for both sides of the bed. And for those of you who have a bedroom with a large size, the use of a pair of sidelights can be the most appropriate choice for you.

Never rely on one type of lighting in the bedroom, because this will not maximize the design in your room.

Lamp Size?
Most homeowners only consider how they look from the lights. And they ignored the size of their lights! And this is a fatal mistake! The use of lights that do not fit the size of the room and also the width of the table will make the design in the room chaotic!

The most reasonable choice in choosing a lamp is the measurement of the nightstand from 1/3 to 2/3 of the bed and has a lamp with a third the size of your table.

Lamp Height.
The height of the bedside lights you should also pay attention to, determining the appropriate height will determine your comfort when reading on the bed. And this determination can also allow lighting from lights not to light up your eyes. We have thought that the height of the table is the same height as your bed. And we suggest that the height of the lamp is the same as the height of your table.
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Also make sure the switch from the lamp is near you, this makes it easy for you to turn off or turn on the light without having to get out of bed.
Lampshade Options
The lampshade will be an item that balances your lights. The most reasonable height for a lampshade is at least 2/3 of the height of your lamp body (Measurement of lamp height from the base – surface of the Bulb). And the width of the lampshade is about 2x the width of the widest part of your lamp.


  • Height: 2/3 of the height of the lamp
  • Width: 2x The width of your lamp


The choice of color and pattern of the lampshade can also be a determinant of increasing the style of your lamp. When you use a white lampshade, you will get more light coming. And when choosing a hood with a splash of color, the room will feel more dramatic and pleasant.
The choice of style of the lamp can be based on the style in the room. When you want a contemporary look, using a glass or chrome hood is a good idea. And for a traditional look, you can use a jar lamp.

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