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One of the accessories and objects that must be in the bathroom is a towel, but some bathrooms may have problems in storing their towels. There is a minimalist bathroom that might not have enough space to store their towels, and if you use hanging storage it might be This will be a choice that makes the bathroom look a bit chaotic!
You must have the initiative in decorating your space and get enough space to store your towels more neatly. Yes maybe, you will get some bathroom cabinets and shelves in the bathroom to store your towels. But, there are tips for using items that don’t need a design to hang towels in the bathroom.

Bathroom Towel Storage

Tips for Increasing Bathroom Towel Storage More Effectively

If you don’t have enough space and wardrobe in the bathroom, you can try these simple and smart bathroom towel storage tips:
Basket; Baskets are the most popular choice of accessories in the bathroom because of their versatility that can hold all the equipment in your bathroom and you can put them anywhere in your bathroom. Using a basket from rattan can be very good in your bathroom, besides getting the function of the basket as a storage basket from rattan it also adds a rustic impression to your bathroom.
Roll your towel and arrange it in a moon rattan basket or square basket with a folding towel in it, and place it under your sink. The bottom part of your sink is the most strategic part of placing a towel storage basket. Or you can hang it vertically above the toilet for your minimalist bathroom.
Vertical Storage; One way to anticipate those of you who don’t have room on your floor. Using vertical storage in the bathroom Will give the floor more free space and you can get more storage in your bathroom.
Vertical storage is better than horizontal storage in a minimalist bathroom. The spinal wall bookshelves are ideal for your minimalist bathroom to store folding towels or roll towels and this will give you a surprisingly more elegant look in the bathroom.
Wine Racks; Wine Racks can be an answer for more flexible storage in your bathroom, and they are enjoyable. Standing shelves that don’t take up space on your wall and they don’t block you, roll up towels can make them fit on each side of the curved bathroom.
Hanging Wine Rack becomes a more artistic towel storage solution in the bathroom. If you want more space in the bathroom, hanging a wine rack behind the bathroom door is the solution for you.
Stairs; The stairs on the side of the bathroom will give you a touch of decor that is more charming and they bring the impression of a farmhouse in the bathroom. Storing your towels on the bathroom steps by folding your towels into a good choice for those of you who lack space in the bathroom.
Hang your towel on the stairs leaning against the bathroom wall and this is a way to create vertical space and minimize clutter on your floor.
Double Cabinets; When your minimalist space lacks storage space, then when you enter the bathroom you will glance at a charming cabinet. However, sometimes you have to think of a solution for your minimalist bathroom. Minimalist storage cabinets that are often used in the kitchen or bedroom apparently they also work in a minimalist bathroom. For this cupboard, you can store a few hand towels or small towels instead of storing large towels in the bathroom.
Chest; Wooden crates are a smart choice for adding storage in the bathroom, crates are almost the same as a bed. And crates are a good choice for towel storage, even these crates are multifunctional as additional seating in your bathroom and are also useful in every room in your home.
Symmetrically installing towels will give a clean impression in the bathroom, and pairing towels in a way that is parallel to abstract patterns will give a fashionable look in the bathroom. Coating your crates with paint will give a new impression to your crates, or you can also use these crates to store magazines and books.
Bookshelf; Bookshelves can be a good choice in addition to accommodating your books and magazines. Put your bookshelves in the bathroom, and you can roll a towel and place the towel on your bookshelf. They really present a more modern impression, and it’s easier to take towels. Bookshelves hung on the wall will make it easier for you and guests to find towels and dry your face faster and easier.
Floating Rack; Using a floating shelf in the bathroom you can place it in every corner of the bathroom, from under the sink to the toilet area, and also next to the mirror. The floating shelves become very flexible in the bathroom and choose a placement strategy that will make storing your towels easier in ways and you will get additional storage space in your space.
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Push box; If possible, you can add push boxes in your bathroom and they become a more attractive choice for storing towels and other bathroom equipment in them, and remember this you can push to every corner of the bathroom without hurting your floor and making decorations the bathroom is more awesome.
Remember you don’t need storage that requires design in the bathroom, push storage boxes to become more flexible in storing towels and other bathroom equipment.

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