Small Kitchen Look Bigger

There are some people who think that the biggest challenge of any room decoration project is the size of the space itself. However, in reality, a small room has more potential for optimization. And you can even enhance the look in a small space by investing in higher quality items. If you want to make a small kitchen look bigger, then on this site you will find the most comprehensive guide!

Tips Make Your Small Kitchen Look Bigger

8 Clever Tips Make Your Small Kitchen Look Bigger

8 Clever Tips Make Your Small Kitchen Look Bigger

Use Bright Tones
To create a small kitchen look bigger, the first step you shouldn’t miss is to bring light tones into space. Basically, coloring occupies 3 main design components, namely, color, lighting, and space content. And in these 3 components, coloring is the easiest, fastest, and cheapest way to enhance the appearance of a space.

Basically, a dark and thick wall will create a feeling of space that feels cramped (uncomfortable). Whereas lighter tones will reflect incoming light and make space feel visually larger. Tone considerations that can be included in this decorating project are tones such as antique white, off-white, beige, and also pale gray.

Don’t Overdo it in creating visual contrast
When you put in a light tone, the feel of a small kitchen will feel bigger, but to liven up the atmosphere you can bring a contrasting look into it. Unfortunately, most people mistakenly assume that a stronger contrast will give the room a more pleasant feel.

Too strong a contrast tone in a small room will create a sense of segmentation and space restrictions!

The most effective way to get around this is to monotonously add a little optical oomph to the kitchen. Keeping all the walls bright with less contrast will work better to create a small kitchen look bigger. The most important thing is to maintain the contrast in the space, not to overdo it because this can destroy the atmosphere in your kitchen.

Give the accent light
Basically, the human eye will automatically be attracted to a point with a high contrast level in a room. And the most sensible area for the kitchen area is the place above the cabinet! When the shadows create a stronger visual line between the cabinets and the ceiling, the small kitchen will feel narrower (such as when using too much contrast on the wall).

To enhance the atmosphere inside, try to remove or soften existing shadows by adding some light sources in your cabinet area. This will give you a softer illumination and make it easier to create visual contrast.

This way, you will find that the kitchen feels more open! Installing lighting under cabinets also works just as well as lighting over cabinets. With the light filling in the shadow, you will minimize the contrast and the impression of a larger space will be obtained.

The spaciousness of the cabinet
If it is time to replace the cabinet, then consider a cabinet with a taller top. This way, you will attract the attention of the eye and make the ceiling feel higher than it really is. Basically, a taller cabinet means you have more storage with visual impact for a more spacious kitchen.

The most important thing to create a small kitchen look bigger is to keep the existing colors, make sure you stick to bright tones for your cabinet. Thus, you will still get the impression of a more spacious room!

Right Placement
Remember that a book on the table, spices, as well as various small furniture in the kitchen, will take up more space you have it will even attract more attention there. To overcome this problem, when you want to bring a new cabinet home, make sure the existing cabinet can accommodate various equipment in your kitchen.

How Design Kitchen On Budget

Apart from using a taller cabinet, the option of using hidden storage will also work great to make the Small kitchen look bigger!

Use a cabinet with glass doors
Wooden cabinet doors do look sturdier, but did you know they didn’t have a big impact on a small kitchen look bigger. Even better than wooden doors are to replace them with glass doors, a glass door will show the contents of your cabinet. With the impact of the space feeling more spacious and bigger, this is a simple trick that will trick the eyes of space users into thinking that your kitchen has the maximum size.

Use Reflective Materials in the Kitchen
A material with a shiny surface will help space feel brighter and airy because a material with a glossy surface will reflect incoming light and scatter it into every inch of the space. And materials like this have a huge impact to make a small kitchen look bigger.

Equally captivating to consider is the use of glass tiles on the backsplash, tiling like this on the backsplash will better reflect the lighting like polished quartz and they will create a more open transition to existing countertops and cabinets.

Natural light
The last thing in the Small kitchen look bigger project is to let as much light into the minimalist kitchen as possible. By opening up space and letting in natural light, the room will feel more refreshing. If you have a window with curtains that are too thick, try to replace them with a light curtain that still filters incoming light with a more dramatic impact.

To make a small kitchen look bigger, the combination of bright colors with natural light is the best way to enhance the atmosphere in your small kitchen.