The Transitional Home Decoration That You Must Know

The Transitional Home Decoration That You Must Know

Transitional Home Decoration

Want to get a charming look from the combination of modern and traditional in a space? Meaning, you will fit in with Transitional style decor. Transition is often known as a move from one thing to another. However, Transitional home decor is a term for combining modern with traditional elements for a more captivating and cohesive look in a space. For those looking for a transitional look, you can get a basic knowledge of this style! Keep scrolling and get more inspiring information.

The Transitional Home Decoration That You Must Know

The Transitional Home Decoration That You Must Know
The Transitional Home Decoration That You Must Know

What is a transition style?
As we said at the beginning! This style is a decoration style that combines both contemporary and traditional looks. Called the renewed look of the traditional, it is like a rebirth of the classic traditional style. In fact, the presence of this style is a look that the millennial generation truly desires, because this style has the impression of time exploration.

How To Make Industrial Home Decor?

The most common blends are line blends in furniture with curved as well as straight lines, lacquered finishes for a masculine yet feminine look. If you think this is spreading chaos then you are misperception! This is a look that has fewer accessories.

A clean look with textures, as well as a neutral palette will often come across. The challenge with this style is about creating a cohesive look in a space that contains two distinct styles.

Transitions are mixing!
This style became a decorative style that was really successful in combining two completely different styles (modern and traditional). Here are some ways to underline not to get the perfection of Transitional home decor.

  • Stay Neutral with the existing colors, and make furniture lines the center of attention in the room
  • The combination of modern and traditional textures (wood, glass, varnish, rattan, steel, metal, and also fabric)
  • Accessories with restrictions on the use of accessories but still provide detailed art by mixing furniture and fabrics
  • Wall Art Choices, it is better to use a large wall art than a collection of art galleries

Tricks to Make a Cohesive Impression in Transitional home decor
What’s really challenging about this one decorating style is its cohesive look. There are several ways to create a cohesive look:

  • The dining room; Choose modern tables and chairs, but use upholstery that has a traditional look. However, use warm traditional furnishings and flush with modern lighting fixtures (of copper or brass). And add a classic wall decoration as a traditional feature in your contemporary dining room.
  • Bedroom; The curved and tufted headboard is a choice of elegant traditional elements and combines it with a steel gray fabric (modern style). You can also use a traditional wooden headboard and flank the bed with modern fixtures (nightstands or sleek modern lamps).
  • Kitchen; You can make the kitchen look more traditional and then add a chandelier to the island, or replace the island with a lacquer finish. Also, consider the addition of a steel table for a more contemporary feel in the room.
  • Bathroom; Glass, ceramics, metal, and wood can create a modern touch in your bathroom. Modern tile laying with traditional tiles in a chevron pattern can work well.
  • Living room; Use traditional architectural features, then top it off with clean upholstered chairs and sofas.

Many people mistake this style for an eclectic style, but this assumption is completely wrong. Transitional home decor is a mix of styles using contemporary furnishings with a mix of antique items in the home. This style itself has various ancient items that make it appear more sophisticated with simple lines. They will appear more subtle, consistent, and often form the basis of a unique combination of items.

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