Are you in the process of designing a bathroom? Or a major overhaul project in it? No matter what you’re doing, understanding popular bathroom styles will make your project go faster.

Transitional style bathroom ideas are an option for those of you who want to create a contemporary and traditional look in a room. We’ve put together some clever ideas that will make it easier for you to achieve a transitional look in your bathroom.

So, keep scrolling and get more inspiration on this trending transition style!

A brief definition of Transitional force

Basically, the transition is a style that combines the classic appeal of a traditional look with a clean look and a contemporary palette. When it comes to decorating a transitional style, there are a few elements you should have, including:

  • A shaker style vanity combined with sleek hardware
  • Use of countertops made of granite, quartz, or marble
  • Delivers efficient lighting
  • Use minimal embellishments (mold and trim)
  • Use tiles in neutral tones and white.

Things not to have in a Transition style bathroom

Traditional and contemporary styles will certainly be present in a transitional style room, and there are some things you will never get from transitional style bathroom ideas, including:

  • Use of bright colors
  • Latest trends
  • The use of complex edge treatments on a countertop
  • Traditional items that are too heavy
  • Millwork

Color Palette Usage

The first application of Transitional style bathroom ideas is to determine the color palette you will use! Whether it’s cold or warm tones, tones in this style will always come with a subtle and soft feel. Options with tones of gray, wood brown, and blue will give the impression of a space that feels richer.

Recommended colors for transition bathrooms

  1. Neutrals with a soft feel: Beige, taupe, dove gray, silver, white (snow), and cream
  2. Tones with a serene feel: Dusty rose, grayish blue, soft green, and misty blue
  3. Rich look: Navy blue, slate, brown, dark green, and charcoal

For a transitional style bathroom vanity, you will get a framed construction with simple panels. A cabinet with a shaker style is present in the transitional style bathroom ideas to give the impression of a room that is fresher and feels clean.

Pairing a shaker table with faucets and classic hardware is a good idea to accentuate the transitional look in your bathroom. For the final result, you can add polished nickel, chrome, gold, brass, Lucite, or matte black.


Stone counters, flooring, and wall treatments can be used as a charming focal point in your transitional style space. A bright stone like marble or quartz can work well to decorate a room. However, the use of granite or quartz in engineering can also be considered because they have easier maintenance.

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Slim Undermount Sink

9 Transitional Style Bathroom Ideas Must Try

9 Transitional Style Bathroom Ideas Must Try

To create added appeal in a transitional style bathroom, you might consider using an elegant undermount to a stone countertop. This way, you can create more counter areas and create a bathroom that’s easy to clean.

Subway Tile

Transitional style bathroom ideas to bridge the two styles is to use clear, clean subway tiles! You can use classic tiles in various patterns such as bricks, herringbone, or others.

Bathtub with pedestal

The next transitional style bathroom ideas to increase the charm of the space is to present the right amount of detail! Stand-alone bathtubs are best for bathrooms of this style, but drop-in bathtubs, clawfoot tubs, and modern tubs can all work just as well in your space.

Glass shower area

9 Transitional Style Bathroom Ideas Must Try

9 Transitional Style Bathroom Ideas Must Try

The addition of a glass shower cover is an elegant choice for your transitional bathroom. You can pair it with tiles, and make the glass cover a natural focal point in the bathroom. To maintain privacy, consider using textured or frosted glass!


9 Transitional Style Bathroom Ideas Must Try

9 Transitional Style Bathroom Ideas Must Try

Transitional style bathroom ideas for lighting is to bring a classic impression! Lighting in a transitional bathroom never uses a complicated design, but is still elegant and feels light. Options to consider are slim wall sconces lighting, recessed lighting, renewable chandeliers, and drum pendants.

The final result!

Transitional style bathroom ideas will not feel as sophisticated as a contemporary style bathroom but still have a sleek look. For extras, you might consider adding a neutral rug, a vase of fresh flowers, and a few piles of fluffy white towels.

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