Bathroom Vanity Lighting

The bathroom is a room that functions as a cleaning area and sometimes changes its function to become an area to rest and also relax after a long day. However, sometimes the bathroom becomes an area that does not have much lighting in it. And the lack of light is often ignored by many homeowners, even the grooming area is sometimes left dim and makes your activities more difficult to make up.
Lighting in the bathroom is something you should consider to maximize the function of the bathroom. There are several factors that can make your bathroom a brighter and more comfortable area, this includes the size of the lighting, placement, and also the selection of the bulb for your area. To get good lighting in the bathroom vanity area, you can follow the following simple trick.

Bathroom Vanity Lighting More Brighter


Trick Bathroom Vanity Lighting More Brighter

Install Lights That Mirror The Mirror
Basically, many room owners use a chandelier to get lighting in their bathroom, but the use of lighting with a chandelier will never be effective to provide light in your vanity area. When you only rely on lighting the chandelier for activities to apply makeup, then this lighting will only leave shadows that are not very pleasant. In addition to shadows, these lights can also conclude spotting, and also lines that will interfere with your shaving and decorating activities.
To get a balance in lighting in the Vanity area, you can use a number of additional lamps such as bath bars, makeup lights, or wall sconces to provide lighting in the vanity area without any shadows arising.

You can do the installation with 28 inches apart and 60 inches from the floor to get lighting that is suitable for your face area. And for the area above the mounting mirror with a height of 80 inches from the floor is the most ideal height.

Bathroom Lighting Ideas
When you bring lighting into the bathroom, you definitely want lighting that can resemble natural light! However, the best lighting that you bring into their room will not be able to match the warmth of lighting during the day. But, at least you can get lighting that is almost the same as daytime lighting.
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All you have to do first is choose lighting with the use of a light bulb with a white, frozen, and bright atmosphere.
And choose the bulb that will give the best color for your bathroom:


  • Incandescent lamps; When using incandescent lamps, you must use the “WHITE” color selection with a color temperature of 2600k to 3200k
  • Compact Fluorescent Bulbs; The choice of using CFLs in the bathroom is a good idea with the use of CRI (Color Rendering Index) between 90 and more with this use they will give a look that is almost like daytime with temperatures between 2700K to 3200k.
  • LED; These lights are a choice that you must consider for the installation of lights in your vanity area, they will provide maximum appearance in the vanity area with temperatures from 2800k to 3000k
Layering Vanity Lighting
To get a change of atmosphere in the bathroom when soaking in warm water in the morning with soft light, you can use some creative ideas to replace the atmosphere in the existing space.
  • With the use of a Dimmer switch that will adjust the intensity of the light in your vanity area. You can get the choice of using dimmers for some incandescent, fluorescent, and LED lights.
  • For those of you who have an extra area, you can use decorative fixtures on your ceiling lighting. The use of a small chandelier or semi flushes mount, which can provide a more calm and romantic atmosphere into your bathroom.

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