Organize Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen is really a room with a high level of traffic and also the highest level of storage in the house. With so many items that can be a challenge in decorating and organizing storage in the closet. Thus, we as kitchen users must prepare various ideas and strategies of the cabinet organization to be able to get the perfection and ease of navigation in the kitchen cabinet.
This from organizing kitchen cabinets is a grouping of goods. This means a process of organizing clutter in the closet, with various clutter in it. However, you should never try to start this project before you know the actual flow!
Because this project can be a disaster when you make a small mistake in setting up your kitchen cabinet. Here we have a big idea that will motivate you to organize your kitchen cabinets more easily and easily, let’s get started!

Trick to Organize Kitchen Cabinets



Trick to Organize Kitchen Cabinets for Easy Navigation

Kitchen cabinet settings can be a very important activity for you. Why is that? The most reasonable reasons for setting a kitchen cabinet are:


  • Ensure various items in your kitchen, to avoid duplication
  • Time savings in navigation
  • Ease of creating a monthly shopping list
  • Ease of getting the required cooking items
  • A more organized kitchen cabinet will facilitate the search for guests and kitchen users
  • Ease of cleaning.


The first step in setting a kitchen cabinet is to declutter. This is the first step before storing or rearranging items in the closet. You can use garbage containers and boxes to store donated or resale items. Check each cabinet and sort the items.
Rearrange items
After you finish decluttering, then it’s time you organize all the contents in the cupboard. And this means setting the existing kitchen equipment to get easy navigation in the kitchen cupboard.
To get the best kitchen settings, you have to make all the items you use can be easier to access.
1. Item Placement
A chef will only stand and prepare food in front of the stove, and this means you only need to do the same! The chef doesn’t go here and there to get the items he needs, so the chef prepares the items as close as possible to the preparation area. They do not leave spices in the cupboard on the other side which requires them to move from the work area.
2. Separation
To facilitate your description, then do the separation in the area of your cabinet. Like the right cupboard for food and the left cupboard for cooking items. This separation will be an easy way to take what is needed (navigate the kitchen faster).
3. Categorization
To get the most out of storage, it’s a good idea to sort items into several categories. In the separation that you have done before, you can also do a more detailed categorization to organize your kitchen cabinets. Like a food storage cupboard, and then you break up again into canned or packaged food areas.
The purpose of this separation is to get the best convenience and placement for the items that are in your closet.
4. Priority
For those of you who like coffee, then you will often use a cup every day. And tend not to use wine glasses more often. So the best way to store is to place the cup in an easily accessible area and the wine glass behind it. Simple tricks that are useful!
5. Neat
Existing arrangements aim to make kitchen cabinets neater and have easy access. For this reason, when you put a label on your item, make sure the label is facing outward, with a lined box, and also a bowl that continues to fit the size.
6. Storage of goods
For those of you who have smaller cabinets, then you have to do a little trick. Then it’s better that items that are not used frequently are removed.
Storage of Goods
Group various items together and organize them into groups. This is the most effective way to organize your kitchen cabinets. This arrangement has the philosophy “THE FUNCTION WILL BE ABOVE FORM“.
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The best settings in kitchen cabinets are when they are easier to use, not when they have a really attractive appearance.
⇒Top Cabinet Storage (food)
  • Food; For those of you who own a pantry, the pantry is the best choice for the best storage for your food. And make the cupboard as a storage area for cooking utensils.
  • Plate; Group then stores your glass and plates on the washing machine (drying rack). This is the fastest way to access plates and glasses.
  • Cookbook; The best cookbooks will be on a wall shelf for easy access to your books.
Bottom Cabinets (Non-food).
  • Kitchen equipment; This is the first item that should be in the bottom cupboard that is easy to access for items that you use frequently every day.
  • Pots, pans; Store kitchen pots, and pans in the lower cabinet with vertical storage.
  • Bowls, palms
  • Kitchen cleaning tool
You can set the kitchen cabinets on a scheduled basis every two to three months. However, to optimize the arrangement of kitchen cabinets better. We recommend that you do weeping decluttering once a week for 30-60 minutes.

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