Tricks Arranging Feng Shui House Tips to Add Positive Energy

Tricks Arranging Feng Shui House Tips to Add Positive Energy

Feng Shui House

Maybe you are too familiar with the interior in your home, so what if we fill the house with positive energy in it. Have you ever heard the word Feng Shui, this decoration originating from China provides a balance of energy, or often also referred to as “Chi” Feng Shui decorations have the aim to bring positive energy into your home that will provide additional energy and balance in the room?


Tricks Arranging Feng Shui House Tips to Add Positive Energy

Tricks Arranging Feng Shui House Tips to Add Positive Energy
Tricks Arranging Feng Shui House Tips to Add Positive Energy
Fengshui is also a decorating method that provides a simpler space vibration in your home. Using feng shui decorations at home You can use the following smart ideas:
Governing Position
The main principle in Feng Shui style decoration is when the position is commanding. Like how the placement of a piece of furniture that is the focal point in your space.
  • A bed that describes you
  • The bedside table describes a career
  • Heaters as wealth you have
Even though the stove will not move elsewhere, the bed and table in a better position are the keys to your decor. All the decorations in each room have their respective roles in bringing the pull of positive energy into your room and combining well to get more positive energy optimally.
Vertical Design
Use vertical lines in your home to combine existing shapes by giving the impression of growth and expansion in the room. By maximizing the existing form, you do not need additional walls and stairs for decoration in your room. In fact, you will get various ways to achieve this, with the addition of lighting, greenery on one side, and several tall shelves.
The amount of chaos in the room will not make the room better, especially when it is based on your interior design scheme. Feng Shui Decoration believes that getting rid of various clutter will make it easier for positive energy to enter your home, so many Feng Shui style users are diligent in cleaning up their area.
By cleaning up the mess, you will minimize your stress level and get comfort from the room. Watch your window, the window is the eyes of the house, give them extra sparkle to maximize the lighting that enters the room.
The entrance into the house is the area that first gets a positive energy touch before it flows every inch of your home. Clean your entrance area! Get rid of various messes that are piles of garbage, socks, and a few other messes. And add greenery with artwork hanging on the wall of your entrance area. Or use various tricks to decorate the entrance area to make it more inviting.

Investing in shoe racks, coat hooks, and some storage formats and coats is a good thing in keeping the freshness in your entrance area.

Minimize obstacles
The route that you often find is from the living room to the dining room, the bedroom to the bathroom, and minimize the existing route from various obstacles and stumbling hazards you have to do. As you walk through the various aisles in your home, think about how you will not trip over your own furniture. Remove all obstacles that exist to make efficiency in space.

Embed a new motto in yourself! Don’t hesitate, give more plants in each room. Why are plants good for our room? Of course, when you want positive energy to flow through your home. Plants will bring life energy into your home, and add freshness to the house.

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Add Metal
In the Chinese calendar, there is a time we occupy the year of the rat with a metal element. This metal element is a very good element that is placed in the house to provide clarity, the sharpness of mind, energy, and also balance, metal is also a symbol to increase your productivity.

Incorporating metal into Fengshui design will not be difficult, you only need a vase or maybe a metal chandelier to accompany the activities in your home and they are choices that add to the appeal in the room.

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