Remodel Living Room

Redecorating the living room can be a large-scale project or as a DIY project, no one doesn’t like a newly renovated living room. Renovating a living room can have a variety of purposes, as making a new impression in the living room or maybe decorating because it’s time to sell a house and this can be a DIY project to increase the selling value of your home. Use this creative idea to decompose your living room for more awesome results.

Tricks to Remodel Living Room

Tricks to Remodel Living Room with Low Cost min 1

1. Scatter
The living room is more often used with a tighter design with the impression to save space and also energy in the room. However, when you take the courage to create a design with an open floor style you will get more area in your living room because to increase the selling price of the house usually the buyer will see from how big your room is.
This idea can be implemented by providing a loophole for additional privacy while maintaining overall open space.
2. Create a new Freshness at the entrance
To load the house feels more fun, a reshuffle project with multiple results can be very promising. The living room in front of the house area can become more pleasant with the installation of a new entrance (replacing it) so that you will make two changes in one renovation project.
This will create traction in your entrance area, as well as provide a living room in front of your eyes. Reforming at the entrance will provide a higher ROI than other refurbishment projects.
3. Make more light come in from the window with a new look
The living room is still a living room! Nothing is more fun than being able to bring in the natural light that flows from the window. The window in the living room can be a decoration that you have used for the first time and has never been replaced! Changing with a new look will make the impression of life more pleasant in your room.
Replacing the window will be dirtier at a cost of up to 74%.
4. Color Scheme
The living room becomes the heart of the house, you can spend various activities in this room such as watching movies, hanging out, reading, doing assignments, playing games, and others. The living room is always a room that is never left, for this reason, you need to choose the right color scheme so that the focus in the room is not distracted.
Changing the color scheme in the living room can be an ROI project worth considering. Changing the paint will never spend a lot of budgets, it’s just a matter of brush and new paint. The choice of color scheme you can adjust to your desires and the style of the existing space.

Like white, gray, beige, or other neutral schemes can be the color most often preferred because of the impression that makes the room more spacious. But the tone of brown, gold, orange can be a bolder choice and attract attention.

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5. Make the impression roomier
To make the room more spacious with simple tricks with maximum results and without spending a lot, you can do it this way
  • Ceiling: To make a higher impression, you can make your ceiling use white paint. Creating a higher area with a brighter tone is a trick that will really draw the eye up with a broader impression.
  • Carpet: Don’t try to put carpet in a size that is too small this will make the room feel cramped. You can use a carpet with a distance of 10-25 inches from the wall to make a wide impression.
  • Shelves: The use of tall shelves that are almost as high as the ceiling will make the eye be pulled up and this is effective for making the room feel bigger.
  • Statement: For lighting use lighting as much as possible to make the room feel more spacious with a pleasant impression to start a conversation.

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