Tropical flowers are a choice of plants that have a better appeal than other plants. These flowers come in bright colors, a unique look, and also a more elegant leaf appearance to enhance and create a more comfortable garden to relax in. These tropical garden design ideas will guide you to create a garden look that is completely comfortable, unique, and has a better appeal!

Tropical garden design ideas Must Try

Use of Mulch!

If you pay attention, plants with successful tropical flowers will present themselves leaving a few inches of negative space (areas without plants). This negative area will be used as a shelter for mulch! Tropical garden design ideas with presenting negative areas will make room for the planter to display some grass, mulch, or become a gathering place for some rare plants!

However, if you ask us how to maximize the existing negative area then the most sensible way is to use mulch! Mulch that is well placed can complement the look of your garden. The choice of mulch from cocoa bean husks can give a dark brown look that lasts until the end of the growing season, they also give your garden a distinctive chocolate scent.

Make sure it has proper irrigation

In order to maintain the attractive and beautiful appearance of existing tropical flowers, you must have a proper and structured irrigation system! You need to know that the tropical flowers you want to have in their natural habitat do not only depend on wastewater flowing from their roots!

The climate that tends to be humid makes the flowers look fresher and more beautiful! Tropical Garden Design Ideas, the best way to keep them beautiful is to present a water feature that is always flowing!

Existing water features can be an added attraction to the garden, and create the impression of a garden that stays moist at all times! Thus, you will be able to easily maintain the viability and appearance of the existing flowers.

Tropical Garden Design Ideas About Plants

Tropical garden design ideas will not be perfect without tropical trees in your garden! However, when you want to create a minimalist tropical garden, even tropical trees will not survive the existing cold climates.

Instead of using teak trees, try to present shrubs that are easy to care for by pruning them regularly! Another option is to grow Brugmansia, this plant has strong stems and can easily grow in a variety of containers!

When you do buy it, make sure to trim any existing side shoots to strengthen the stem in the center! That way, they will withstand the strong winds and also have a sturdier appearance.

Tropical garden design ideas with vines

Vines designed to cross a fence or trellis are a very fun and attractive design addition to your tropical garden. Choices such as passionflower wine provide a more unique look for connoisseurs of tropical charm.

For some cooler areas, the vines die to the ground and can grow neatly onto existing trellises and fences! They also complement the look of the greenhouse; with these vines, you will need to provide sturdy support to ensure that the vines can hold on firmly and look beautiful.

Tropical garden design ideas with Orchids

Who doesn’t know orchids? This tropical plant that is very popular is a very suitable choice to increase the charm of your tropical garden. Try Nestle’s potted Orchids placed around your garden for an instant tropical vibe. Some orchids may need more sunlight and moisture, but this is only meant to speed up growth and sprout new shoots!

Tropical garden plants design ideas

If you are one of those people who can grow tropical plants without having to use a greenhouse, then there are several plant options that you can try.


When it comes to trees for a tropical garden, then palms are the most common choice! However, there are still many trees to consider.

  1. Orange tree
  2. Banana tree
  3. Avocado Tree
  4. African tulips
  5. Rubber tree
  6. Olive tree
  7. Ylang-ylang
  8. Plumeria

The choice of tree is based on how big your garden is, budget and also what kind of look you want in your garden!


Another option besides planting trees in a tropical garden, another tropical garden design idea is to use shrubs. There are several choices of shrubs that are best suited for your personal tropical garden:

  1. Hibiscus
  2. Croton
  3. Jasmine
  4. Yucca
  5. Bougainvillea
  6. Jade grapes
  7. Coral grapes
  8. Philodendron

In designing a garden, the best way to do this is by planting at least 3 shrubs! Planting 3 shrubs can provide a better appearance, are easy to care for, and make the perfect filler in an existing garden.

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Many people love tropical gardens because of the beautiful and charming display of flowers! One of the most enchanting flowers to desire is Orchids, yes even though they require super careful care they are the most sensible and common tropical plant in flower gardens! However, some of these plants should not be removed from the list of options:

  1. Lily
  2. African Violet
  3. Begonia
  4. Petunia
  5. Lemongrass
  6. Cannas
  7. Fringe flowers
  8. And flowers of birds of paradise

These flowers are flowers with a very charming look and charm with their charming shapes and colors to create a charming tropical garden look in your yard. The best way to try is to plant only a few types of flowers, don’t overdo it!


The last tropical garden design ideas in this article are to use ornamental grass! Ornamental grass is an element that will add texture to your tropical garden. And by planting them, you will make the flowers stand out more and attract more attention.

Grass options that you can consider include:

  1. Reed grass
  2. Miscanthus
  3. hemp species
  4. wheatgrass
  5. and pampas grass

Tropical garden design ideas do have great charm and appeal to your garden, but presenting them takes a bit of effort! So, try patiently and don’t give up.