Every room must have quality lighting that is well designed to support various activities in it, as well as the bathroom! The bathroom must also be well designed so that your activities can run well.

Basically, there are several Types of Bathroom Lighting that you must have to make your activities easier. Activities like applying make-up to bathing require the right lighting! That’s why the Types of Bathroom Lighting list you should consider when setting up lighting in your room.

In fact, effective lighting for bathrooms is lighting with several types of lights arranged and coordinated in such a way as to create a system. And you need to know, no single type of lamp can create a perfect system! At the very least, you need to have 3 separate light combinations to present the system.

By knowing these must-have Types of Bathroom Lighting, you can more easily create the perfect lighting system!

4 Types of Bathroom Lighting You Must Have!

Bathroom Ceiling Lights

Types of Bathroom Lighting that must be had is ceiling lighting! This type is a series of lights on the bathroom ceiling and is often placed in the middle of the room. This type is used as a general type of lighting for the bathroom and often comes with a control system near the entrance to the room.

This lamp has a variety of choices from chandeliers, swords, and so on. However, the most popular choice for this type is a ceiling lamp with the addition of a fan.

Wall Sconces

Types of Bathroom Lighting, this one is better known as a candle holder, and often has a partner. The best place for bathroom wall sconces is on the two sides of the mirror! Its placement aims to minimize the shadows generated from the ceiling lights.

This type is very good because it will give additional dimensions to the bathroom. With its head-high placement, this lamp is a more eye-catching option than any other lamp available.

So, when choosing wall sconces you can choose a more striking shape to increase the focus on your area!

Lights in the vanity area

The dressing area can be said to be the most important area in the bathroom because we will spend quite a bit of time standing in front of the mirror and doing various activities. Usually, makeup lights come with 2 or more lamps that are placed over the mirror or on the side!

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Types of Bathroom Lighting this one can be said to be the type of lighting that works the hardest of the other types. Because this lighting will provide strong lighting to illuminate its users. In fact, some bathrooms only optimize vanity lighting to make the space feel charming!

However, when you do choose to make sure to use the right shade as it can shine too brightly and make eyes hurt!

Hidden lights

Types of Bathroom Lighting next is hidden lighting, this type is one of the most popular! They light up the bathroom invisibly and tend to blend into the ceiling. This lamp can be installed in the hole in the middle of the ceiling with the installation of cables that are connected to each other.

Apart from creating a more dramatic look, this lighting also doesn’t take up much space! Even a small bathroom can use this type of lighting to increase its appeal.

Well-lit the bathroom?

Best Types of Bathroom Lighting Must Know 2

Best Types of Bathroom Lighting Must Know

Basically, the Types of Bathroom Lighting above are a must to light up your room, but besides knowing the types of lighting available, you also have to know the most appropriate way to bring it into the room. You have to understand that each type of lighting has a different look, size, and style. So, when choosing bathroom lighting, there are a few things you should pay attention to!

Starting from ceiling lighting

As we said before, the most influential Types of Bathroom Lighting are ceiling types! Lighting that functions as general lighting should be your main focus when you want to create a good lighting system in the bathroom. Starting from the top area and working your way down is a wise decision when choosing a lighting system.

So, you can start by choosing recessed lighting as well as ceiling-type lighting such as chandeliers or chandeliers to create the perfect bathroom lighting system.

Pay attention to balance

Remember! when you want to create the perfect lighting system in your bathroom, you must have a balanced combination for each type of lighting available. Each type of fixture chosen must provide evenly distributed lighting and do not hurt the eyes.

Each chosen lighting must emit a clear and even light and can be combined with another lighting in the room.

Moderation is Key!

Many homeowners think that using more lighting is the key to success in creating more appeal and appearance for bathroom lighting. However, basically prioritizing moderation is the most appropriate trick to balance the lighting in the room.

You don’t have to select and load multiple bulbs! It is enough to select a bulb and balance it.

So getting to the perfection of the Types of Bathroom Lighting system and knowing how to balance it is the key to success. Good luck!