Very Small Guest Room Ideas 100 Make Comfort

Very Small Guest Room Ideas 100% Make Comfort

Having a guest bedroom is both a blessing and a disaster! The blessing of the guest bedroom is having a proper place to serve for guests who come. However, the other thing about owning it is that you have to design and keep it clean all the time.

It doesn’t matter how big the guest bedroom you have. Even if it’s a very small guest room though! What is needed to optimize it is the right plan and design. With these very small guest room ideas, you will find the easiest way to optimize your bedroom without having to waste too much money.

In the settings, you can start by entering various items that are really important and needed. That includes lighting, comfortable beds, and the addition of simple storage features. To find out how to optimize a small guest bedroom, keep reading and start implementing it!


Use nightstand for Very Small Guest Room
Use nightstand for Very Small Guest Room

Very small guest room ideas, the first is to include a nightstand! It doesn’t matter how small your guest bedroom is. However, a nightstand is a great piece of furniture to ensure you have other essentials such as:

  1. Bedside lamp
  2. Small items (books, watches, cell phones, etc.)
  3. A nightstand with additional storage will make it easier to store your guests’ luggage.

In our opinion, the nightstand is a must-have piece of furniture in the guest bedroom. With so many functions to choose from, it is a great addition to your bedroom optimization.

Make sure to stay comfortable

To make the guest bedroom comfortable, assume that this is a space you will always live in! Adding finishing touches such as soft rugs, mirrors, and some throw blankets will keep the room cozy.

Storage Area

Nightstand for Very Small Guest Room Ideas
Nightstand with storage for Very Small Guest Room Ideas

Providing a place to store luggage for guests staying overnight is a must when you design a guest bedroom. So, make sure you bring at least a piece of furniture that works for the storage area. A wardrobe, dresser, hanging shelf, or nightstand with extra storage can be great choices.

However, when you enter it remember that this is a guest bedroom! Not your personal extra storage space, so make sure to empty it. Let your guests fill it with their luggage!

To keep a budget, you can include double-duty furniture! In this way, you will save the floor area and keep the space comfortable and tidy at all times.

Final Touch

Don’t forget to bring the finishing touches! This aims to improve the quality of the space you serve. Some items to consider include:

  • Tissue
  • Hairdryer
  • Extra towel
  • Bottle of water
  • And extra blanket

Use a neutral tone

Natural Tone Always Right
Natural Tone Always Right

Of course! Isn’t this a very small guest room ideas? So, neutral tones work well to maximize charm and comfort in the room. The use of this tone will result in the appearance of a room that feels cleaner, fresher, and also airy.


Light is a great match for neutral tones in a small space! Bringing the right light in the room will give the impression of more spacious and comfortable space. In a very small guest bedroom decorating project, you can bring 3 light sources. Natural light, chandelier, and bedside wall lamp.

These three light sources are enough to maximize the attractiveness and comfort of the room.


Very Small Guest Room Ideas With Plants
Very Small Guest Room Ideas With Plants

Choose some ornamental plants or colorful flowers and place them in a vase beside the bed. This will increase the appeal, refresh the space, and make it more colorful.

Window Treatment

Window Treatment For Small Guest Bedroom
Window Treatment For Small Guest Bedroom

Given that natural light is a must in a small-scale space, then in the selection of window treatments, you must be more careful. A thick curtain layered with a light filter is a great idea to implement! Thick curtains will maintain the privacy of space users, and thinner curtains are present as a filter for incoming light with a dramatic impression for your room.

So, these two curtains are a perfect combination for a small space.

Guest Bedroom Lighting Must Try!

Create a statement

Want to present a bolder minimalist guest bedroom look? Feel free to make a statement in it! Very small guest room ideas that work well are to use a headboard in bold tones, funky wall art and include some built-in lighting features to enhance the aesthetics of the space.

The last is to install a hook on the door, this is very trivial indeed! However, having it guests will find it easier to hang up their coats and towels after bathing.

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