10 Very Small Living Room Design Must Know

10 Very Small Living Room Design Must Know

You need to know that every room has its own decor challenges, but the living room is a place that takes up a lot of time and this is where you entertain your guests. In fact, it is even more challenging when you have a very small living room. A very small living room design requires you to create a balance of space for a more spacious and comfortable impression.

Talking about the very small living room design, we will be faced with several design considerations to maximize the appearance of the room. Here are some effective ideas for decorating a small living room that you can try.

Very Small Living Room Design

Wallpaper and mirrors
A very small living room with short windows will feel like a box. To make this room more pleasant and comfortable to live in, you can start by creating a focal point, increasing the lighting, and adding depth to the room.

The first thing you can try in this very small living room design is to add depth to the room by attaching unique wallpaper and hanging a mirror on one of the existing walls. We love how the mirror is positioned across from the window and reflects the light coming in for the impression of a space that feels more spacious than it really is.

Use sleek furniture
You need to know that the living room is not only occupied by a sofa, but there is still a lot of furniture that you must have. When you want a very small living room design, then you have to consider how various pieces of furniture can fit into the living room and leave little space for the traffic area there. When you decorate it, try to include some furniture with a sleek look and the choice of mid-century style furniture can be your consideration! Mid-century furniture has a more streamlined look and can be a great choice to fill your living room.

Hidden storage
Apart from the scale of the existing furniture, you can also include some furniture with hidden storage to help deal with clutter in the living room. Keep in mind that a room on a small scale has a very limited area, when you stack various items, their space will become very chaotic and unpleasant.

Having items with hidden storage places will help you to minimize clutter in your super small living room.

Fill the corner of the room
It might be a bit counterintuitive, but for a Very small living room design filling a corner using a few large items can work really well! A large item that is placed in the corner of the room will give the impression of more comfortable space and can accommodate more users of space. Try to use furniture with a modern look and straight lines to fill in your corners for a visually better look.

Try placing a sofa with an adjustable section in one corner of the room, with a pair of folding chairs you can create a completely comfortable conversation area.

Very Small Living Room Design With High ceilings?
For those with high ceilings in their living room, this is a great opportunity to optimize the view based on the height of the room. Very small living room design, with indeed not being able to get additional seating in the vertical area, but you can draw the eye to this area so that a room that feels spacious can be obtained.

Moroccan Living Room Design Ideas

The best way to do this is to fill in an existing vertical area using some wall art or an eclectic art gallery! A unique shaped chandelier can also be an item to optimize the appearance of your small space. So, try to include a unique pendant lamp to tie the view of the room user.

Use a sofa with a smaller size
For some rooms, a full-sized sofa will not work properly and even cannot be used. For a Very small living room design, you can consider using a slimmer love chair or a small sofa to replace your full-size sofa. Insert items with clean lines and with open legs for an airy look inside.

In addition to a sofa or a chair with a sleek look, you can also consider using a sofa without a back (Japanese-style sofa). For an open space, including this sofa in the middle of the room will create a more spacious and charming look. A sofa without a back is an excellent alternative and works well on both sides of the room!

Decorative plants
Bringing freshness into the room is a very important thing to do, most very small living room designs will use neutral tones on the walls and in every inch of the decor. To make a space warmer and more refreshing, adding some houseplants can help! Plants are an excellent item to add to a small space.

Lush greenery will soften the appearance of a corner, and trick the eye into thinking that this is a space that is bigger and refreshing than it really is. Placement in the corner or next to chairs and sofas is an excellent idea to try.

Multifunctional furniture
In a small space, the floor area is a very valuable investment so save money! One of the best ways to save floor area is to minimize the use of furniture or by using multiple-duty furniture. This method is a very effective option for enhancing the appearance of the room and giving more breathing area in the room.

Leave the sofa
Basically, not every living room should have a sofa! When the room is really small, you can either leave the sofa and replace it with 2-4 armchairs around the coffee table or you can use a fluffy rug to take a seat without a chair.

Use a translucent base material
A coffee table made of acrylic, Lucita, or glass is a great material for a small living room. With this clear material, you will create the impression of a more spacious room without any obstacles there.

The idea of a Very small living room design is to optimize the appearance of the living room by minimizing the use of furniture and still leaving some free areas for comfortable pedestrian areas.

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