Weaknesses and Strengths of Ceramic Floor You Must to Know

Have you ever thought about the benefits you will get from the ceramic tiles that you install in your bathroom and kitchen? unique ceramics will have a longer and easier maintenance. Handle high traffic in your room. Overcome accidents, and spills easily when you install your tiles correctly. Your ceramic models also now have a variety of styles and shapes, you can choose styles and shapes as you wish and also adjust to your taste.

Ceramic Floor For Your Living Room
Weaknesses and Strengths of Ceramic Floor You Must to Know

Costs for ceramic tiles, divided into two, namely the cost of the ceramic itself and also the cost of installation for your handyman
We advise you, to buy ceramics at an outlet you can get a ceramic price of less than $ 1 per foot and also a ceramic tile with a solid color choice of less than $ 20 per square foot. For the price of porcelain tiles, you can get a texture such as marbles or wood with prices ranging from $ 3- $ 7 square feet.

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You will get a fee for the installation of your tile with prices that vary based on work, level of complexity, geographical location, and also the place of your building. However, Lately, we have found a standard cost for installing ceramic tiles at a price of $ 5 per square foot. And For porcelain tiles around $ 8 per square foot. You will get a lower cost for a minimum installation at a price of $ 300 per square meter.
Ceramic Tile Selection Options for You:
Size: 12 “x 12”, 6 “x 6”, 18 “x 18” and 24 “x 24,” along with the development of the trend. Particularly for porcelain tiles, you will get long pieces such as wood. Larger tile sizes can be placed in a large room in your home and small tiles for a small room. This is to increase the visual value in your room.
Pattern: Keramin tiles that can be printed with all colors and images. You can search for patterns according to your wishes. You can look for patterns as complex as possible for your room. Even contrasting colors are not difficult to find. Mixing colors in your room with ceramic tiles is not impossible for you to do.
Ceramic or Natural Stone Tiles
Natural Stone is a material that flows from the mountains and is usually cut into a square or rectangle for a certain size. This tile will last a long time, and last but not all.
Favored because of the choice of colors and unique characteristics. Quality is the main factor why homeowners choose this tile. Natural stone will have a higher value for installation and purchase. Natural stone must be installed carefully and this stone will be easily stained.
Ceramic Or Hard Wood Tiles
Wood and ceramics have the same advantages, if properly installed and cared for it will last for years for your home.
The difference is in terms of price and also cleaning. Ceramics will be much cheaper than your wood tiles. Ceramics are also easier at cleaning up dirt. The advantage of hardwood flooring is that you will easily make your floor look like new when the spill piles up into one and you just need to sand it and get a new impression on your floor.
One of the easiest materials for you to care for and is durable is ceramics.
Scheduled sweeping and regular mopping will make it easier for you to clean loose dirt and debris. Ceramic will be the best choice for a room with high traffic.

The disadvantage
The disadvantage of ceramic tiles most often raised is that the tiles are cool and also hard. Ceramic wallets are an advantage for those of you who live in hot climates. But for those of you who are in-wall climates, you will feel the height of this ceramic tile, but you can make it warm by using a carpet to cover your tiles. In addition to being able to warm your floor, carpeting can keep your space away from the rigors of this tile. When you have small children at home using carpet to cover your tiles is a safe choice.

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