What is a Bohemian Interior Design and How to Implement it

What is a Bohemian Interior Design and How to Implement it

What is a Bohemian Interior Design?

If you are asking how a Bohemian style house can get, then a bohemian style look can be interpreted as a home look for homeowners who want the appearance of the space to be more alive with culture, as well as a variety of interesting display items from around the world. The bohemian aesthetic is directly proportional to the modern look with a cheerful, relaxed, and unusual atmosphere. Bohemian interior design always displays the impression of an eclectic space with various similar features even though no room can really be the same.

What is a Bohemian Interior Design and How to Implement it
What is a Bohemian Interior Design and How to Implement it

What exactly is Bohemian style?
It can be said that the Bohemian style is a way of fostering a space that is against the rules, a personal aesthetic, with a more exotic look. Bohemian is inspired by some people who live conventional lives such as an artist, actor, painter, or rising.

This style is a combination of various objects that will make the space more vibrant with colors and patterns from various directions that come together. For those of you who are looking for a unique room appearance that reflects you, Bohemian is the best choice.

Color in Bohemian Interior Design
In fact, there are no rules that tie the color choice of the bohemian style itself. However, using earth tones is an option that often comes along with metallic and jewel tones as well. Think of a dark brown, green, or gray tone as the base color and then mix it with accessories using eclectic purple, orange, and blue.

What makes the bohemian style truly unique is how it has an unexpected yet soothing mix of colors.

If you really want a Bohemian look in your home, looking for furniture in a store is never going to work! Bohemian interior design will be filled with various furniture from time to time, secondhand goods with a vintage look that will decorate your room!

Every piece of furniture that is brought in is a special piece of furniture with a flow in the story. So, going to a thrift store to find furniture with a vintage look is a must-do. The main reason to buy furniture is if you like it!

Similar to the maximalist style, bohemian has a “more and more” philosophy. The key to this decor is mix! The materials for space that you will often find are burlap, sisal with a combination of silk and chenille. A slightly worn looking material that doesn’t break, but a matte finish will enhance the bohemian look in your room!

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Accessories and Lighting Options
Featuring ambient, earthy light will blend the room in a calmer, more welcoming feel. Apart from lanterns, the addition of candles, table lamps, and floor lamps will enhance the atmosphere in your bohemian interior design.

Embrace the natural look! Don’t forget to bring in some houseplants like ferns and some hanging plants. Apart from being an element of bohemian decor, plants also provide better light quality and a continuous flow of freshness. Consider using houseplants with ease of care such as philodendrons or peace lilies!

The last thing in bohemian interior design is to combine the room with various family accessories, paintings, summer vacation photos, or other items. The selection of the best accessories in a bohemian style is if it has a personal feel. Although bohemian is an eclectic style, in the right way you will create a space that is both pretty and glamorous!

Make a Bohemian Interior Design Style More Easily

To facilitate Bohemian decorating projects in the house, here are some bohemian ways to decorate the interior design style. It’s a way to combine a variety of vibrant colors, patterns, and multi-cultures in one space for a unique yet relaxing finish!

Keep simple
The foundation of the bohemian interior design style is to use simple basic colors! The use of warm and earthy tones will create a completely great canvas, using a base color with neutral tones will give you the ease of piling up colors as well as some expressive patterns to mix the look without having to be overbearing or harsh.

The look of neutral tones filled with color will immerse the existing base colors for a more harmonious and calming look in your bohemian interior design style! If using a light base tone, it will get too rich and bore quickly in your starting point.

Incorporating plants can indeed be done in various styles, but for bohemian interior design, plants are one of the elements of decoration! Apart from purifying the air and creating a pop of color that doesn’t interfere with other designs in your room.

Choices with hanging plants are an excellent Bohemian idea, and they make for a lovely and fun way to increase interest in the space. The use of hanging plants in woven baskets to several plants at different scales is an effective idea to make the bohemian interior design style more alive.

Pattern Games
bohemian interior design style will not be far from a mix of patterns, playing with more patterns will create a more charming look, but on a cheaper budget. You can start by using rugs with contrasting motifs, decorative pillows, and a few other patterns.

In combining it, having fun is the key to success. See how the patterns, shapes, scales, and styles you choose can create a Bohemian vibe. Keeping the color vibrations more consistent will prevent the impression from being cut off from one pattern to another.

Low Furniture
Maybe this is a little different from what you think! However, bohemian interior design styles will use more furniture that is closer to the floor. The closer you get to the floor, the more authentic you will get a bohemian look. The low back sofa, fluffy and luxurious cushions along with the poufs for additional seating are really great, right?

And if you are trying to make a room without a sofa, you should invest in soft, comfortable rugs! Its use will be a way to increase the style along with adding extra comfort to the room.

When it comes to choosing materials and furniture, Bohemian always looks as if this item has traveled through time! Because the bohemian look is better with old items from far away, and better positioned in a space.

Move away from a minimalist look
The bohemian interior design style is a stylish look that has more items and items, not an empty and spacious area (this is the maximalist). Even though it is said to be a maximalist, you must still pay attention to how your room decor is. It’s not that you can enter various items randomly, but use selected items that will enhance the style of the room itself. As for the bedroom, making the room more organized and orderly is a good thing.

Bringing in items means that you should pay attention to what items are brought in and make sure they are all to your liking and have time-travel feel!

Use of Bright Colors
In decorating a room in a bohemian style, you will use brighter and bolder colors to enhance the appearance of the space. The use of pinks, purples, oranges, greens, and a variety of bolder choices is an element for bohemian luxury!

Metal and Mirrors
Using metal surfaces and mirrors is an element of bohemian decoration, and for a bohemian style that is more attractive and modern, this option can be used. Brass or copper glass frames can be a focal point in your room with a more glamorous feel.

Decorative Coating
For more fun and colorful nuance in bohemian interior design, you can try using a mixture of rugs, pillows, and other textiles in the room. This method will create a relaxing vibe in a room of perfection.

Try some of the bohemian interior design methods above, and write in the comments column what is missing and how to work in your room.

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