Smart Tips for Wood Flooring Maintenance

5 Smart Tips for Wood Flooring Maintenance

Wood Flooring Maintenance

Hardwood floors are one of the flooring materials that have a neat appearance, give a warm, comfortable impression, and have added value to your home. However, to maintain the appearance of the floor you will also have to spend a little effort. By doing wood flooring maintenance regularly, you can get a longer appearance and life.

For those of you who want to bring a hardwood floor home, or just want to place it in some space. Still, wood flooring maintenance must be done because it will be the best way to maintain the appearance and increase the selling value of your home. So, find out smart ways to care for hardwood floors in your home.

Smart Tips for Wood Flooring Maintenance

Smart Tips for Wood Flooring Maintenance
Smart Tips for Wood Flooring Maintenance

Basically, wood flooring maintenance can be differentiated into several processes, including:

Process Prefix

  • It’s a good idea, before starting to treat hardwood floors you have to read the guidelines on the label and ensure that the steps taken will be appropriate. Treatment of wood floors can vary; treatment can be based on the final results displayed from the wood itself.
  • The best way to keep the floor from scratching furniture is to use felt on the legs of the furniture. Apart from protecting against scratches, using them will make it easier for you to lift debris off the surface. However, replacement is also necessary because the length of time used will reduce the effectiveness of the protector itself. In fact, for furniture that is frequently shifted and replaced every month is the best.
  • Adding rugs to areas with hardwood floors will give an appearance that increases attractiveness and provides effective protection for the floor.
  • Make guests and residents of the house remove their footwear when entering the room. This method will make your floor look preserved and minimize debris that is brought into the footwear.

Weekly Maintenance

  • Follow these simple steps to keep the floor in tip-top shape for many years. Sweep the floor clean, use the recommended cleaning product (or white vinegar) and mop then dry again. Remember! When you want to clench the floor, make sure to clean any dirt and debris on the surface. Debris and dirt can cause scratches on the floor, and this will require sanding to fix it.

Effective Flooring Maintenance You Must Do

Monthly wood flooring maintenance

  • The sunlight shining on the room is very good for your room (especially for a minimalist room). However, sunlight is not good enough for wooden floors because it can change the appearance of the floor itself. It’s a good idea to check regularly once a month on the appearance, as well as the color, and don’t forget the area under the rugs. When it gets a color change, this might be a good time to add a new topcoat.

Wood flooring maintenance Yearly

  • Natural flooring can be affected by the surrounding environment, although the separation and cracks in the floor during the dry season may not have a major effect. However, bringing a pro-worker to check regularly every year can be considered. It does require additional expenses, but in this way, you can maintain the appearance of the wooden floor.

Wood flooring maintenance regularly

  • Performing routine wood floor maintenance is the best way to maintain the appearance of wood floors. To do this, there are 3 special tricks to do.
  • For deep cleaning, you need to do deep cleaning every 3 or 4 years. This project requires you to be familiar with the available flooring options (oil, urethane, or wax) as you will have to re-coat with the same coating.
  • Never move furniture! Better to ask a friend to help lift it, sliding will scratch the floor and ruin its appearance.

Polish your wood floors every few decades to give them a new look. Hardwood floors can be sanded to create a more elegant appearance, and this can also extend the life of the floor itself.

The best thing about using wooden floors is that it is easy to maintain and renews its appearance by sanding it. Wood flooring maintenance that is carried out regularly and carefully will allow you to maintain the appearance of wood floors even up to 20 years. So, this maintenance project you can do regularly for age and maintain the appearance of the floor.

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