Clever Trick Wooden Flooring Cleaning More Effective

Clever Trick Wooden Flooring Cleaning More Effective

Wooden Flooring Cleaning

Keep in mind that there is a lot going on our floor! High traffic, collisions, accidents, and also various kinds of spills cannot be avoided. And isn’t there any homeowner who likes it when the floor is dirty, right? This is how keeping the floor clean and smelling good will be the best way to get an elegant look in any space. For those who invest funds to buy wooden floors, of course, maintaining the appearance must be done. This Wooden Flooring Cleaning is one way to keep wooden floors elegant and clean.

The best way to maintain the appearance is to take steps to prevent any problems that may occur! Spills, accidents, dust, and dirt should all be anticipated whenever possible. Preparing floor mats in front of the entrance will reduce dirt entering the area of ​​the house or placing the area to remove shoes will reduce dust and dirt adhering to the footwear.

In our opinion, the best way to maintain the durability and Wooden Flooring Cleaning can be done by minimizing the use of shoes in the room. That’s why taking off your shoes can be the most practical way for areas with wooden floors. In addition, there are several ways to keep the floor clean and the appearance maintained. Here are a few tricks you can try!

Wooden Flooring Cleaning More Effective

Clever Trick Wooden Flooring Cleaning More Effective
Clever Trick Wooden Flooring Cleaning More Effective

Tips for Cleaning Hardwood Floors on a Routine basis
Wooden Flooring Cleaning can be done regularly by sweeping and mopping the dust to keep the floor clean for a full day. This cleaning project can be based on how busy the traffic is! Quick cleaning projects can be done by coating wood floors with a mop to remove dust, dirt, and pet hair that have the potential to injure the floor.

Try using a mop with a microfiber cloth, as this is the best material for keeping floors clean and free from dust and dirt.

When cleaning hardwood floors, make sure you don’t leave the vacuum cleaner behind! Using a vacuum cleaner every week or fortnight will warm up the dust and ensure the floor is kept clean. Avoid using a vacuum cleaner with a beater bar attachment as it has the potential to scratch your floors.

Wooden Flooring Cleaning Tips by Mopping
Apart from doing regular floor cleaning, you should also be thorough in any cleaning project! do not let dirt, oil, and dust accumulate as this will make it mo difficult for you to clean it in the future.

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When you find the floor is exposed to spills or accumulated dust, you can use a mop with recommended cleaning products. Moisten your mop and rub it carefully to prevent water pooling on the floor. Then use a clean, dry mop to make the floor clean to its maximum.

You can also use a hanging fan or air conditioner to make the floor dry faster!

Get the Best Wooden Flooring Cleaning
To find wooden floors that are still clean and elegant, you can’t be separated from your cleaning product selection! If you are not sure which floor cleaning products are available, try to ask your floor manufacturer. Get their recommendations on cleaning product choices suitable for existing wood floors.

The bottom line is that the choice of cleaning products for vinyl and tile is so different that it can even ruin the look of your hardwood floors!

To avoid using harsh chemicals, you can look for a cleaner with a Green guard Gold certification that will be friendly with children as well as pets.

Natural Wooden Flooring Cleaning
For natural wood floors, you can try to use kitchen vinegar as the main cleaning ingredient. Cleaning hardwood floors with vinegar is a great way to save money and be safer for your hardwood floors!

Pour 1/2 cup of white vinegar into a gallon of warm water then use the same method to mop the floor.

Tricks to get rid of stains on wood floors
When you start a project, you can’t just clean the floor, the finish of the floor should really be taken into account! When you find surface stains, your floor may have a hard coating like urethane. And if the stain penetrates the wood, then you have buildup oil! Cleaning hardwood floors can be done by wiping the stain with a soft cloth (not with sandpaper, coir, or other chemicals).

Here are some clever tricks to get rid of stubborn stains on wooden floors:

  • Black stain or pet stain: Use No. steel wool. 000 and floor wax, then apply vinegar and leave for an hour then rinse with a clean cloth.
  • Heel marks: Fine-fed steel wool.
  • Oil Stains: Scrub the area with a soft cloth and dish detergent to remove oil, and use a damp cloth for maximum results.
  • Watermarks or white stains: Rub with No. steel. 000 and floor wax, and a little bit of the floor as the stain deepens.

Maintaining the appearance of wood to remain charming at all times is not easy, but when you do this Wooden Flooring Cleaning project, it is not impossible to maintain the attractiveness of existing wood floors!

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